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   Chapter 1453 Starting School (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5974

Updated: 2019-04-03 12:17

Leena had a very complicated feeling when she stepped into Tom's office. She was anxious because she didn't know what medicine Tom was going to give her this time. Moreover, she was also a bit expectant. What if the previous medicine he gave her worked? She honestly didn't have a clue if the medicine Tom was about to give her would work this time. Regardless of those things, she was still willing to try. She didn't want to have any regret. She knew that Kevin wanted a child and she didn't want to leave him just because she was incapable of giving him what he wanted. God knew that she would do anything to give him a child.

She had all these thoughts inside her head when she pushed the door open. However, she was stuck on her feet as soon as she saw what was going inside Tom's office. Shame suddenly flooded her as she didn't expect to see a number of doctors inside the place together with Tom. It was easy to tell that they were all discussing something important based on how the doctors' faces looked. Instantly, a beautiful blush appeared on Leena's small face when all the serious doctors turned to her in unison upon hearing the door open. She felt extremely embarrassed now.

"I am so sorry! It seems that I have interrupted you," said Leena quickly. However, it was too late to step back now. If she turned around and walked out, it would seem too weird, right? Thus, she ended up putting an embarrassed smile on her face as she apologized to them.

"All right, let's wrap up today. You can all go back to work," said Tom to all the doctors in his office upon seeing Leena. He didn't even show any sign of surprise. It seemed that he had expected for her to come and find him. After all, he knew how badly Leena wanted to make herself healthy and strong enough to b

ou mean by that?" Tom had a confused look on his face because he didn't understand what Leena was saying. Future wife? Did she mean Patricia? She was good in the hospital room, wasn't she? Why did she need Leena to take care of her?

"I knew you would say this. Don't you know that her personal nurse is in a few days off because of an emergency? Patricia doesn't have anyone who can take care of her right now. That's why I am here today." Leena didn't know what to say to Tom anymore. Why didn't he know that Patricia's nurse was not here? How could he not know about it? Last time she checked, he was still Patricia's boyfriend. He really should know.

"I have no idea. Since when? Why didn't she tell me about it?" Tom's frown deepened even more. Last night, a dangerous infection happened to a patient and made the said patient's breath stop for a few seconds. He had brought the patient back to life but he was still in a dangerous condition right now. That was why he had a few good doctors in his office to discuss what they should do next. It was the reason that he didn't have time to visit Patricia today. Thus, he had no idea that she was struggling without a personal nurse.

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