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   Chapter 1452 Starting School (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5575

Updated: 2019-04-03 03:27

"Oh! That's excellent! Please tell your mother that I appreciate this a lot. She is so nice to me. And please tell her that I want to treat her to a nice dinner as a thank you gift." Michelle took the letter from Patricia's hand. She had an excited grin on her face. She didn't expect that she could go back to school after all these years. Moreover, she was going to study her passion, drawing! Suddenly she forgot about what had happened with her husband earlier. She finally had something to look forward to.

"Don't mention it. We are really good friends, aren't we? Friends help each other. No need to be so damn polite and distant. However, if you really want to thank her, just treat me to a nice dinner once I get out of the hospital. Well, I am her daughter after all. You treat her or me to dinner, it's the same!" Patricia said with a happy smile. She loved seeing her friend this excited and happy. She knew that it was what Michelle really wanted. Besides, after staying in the boring hospital bed for so long, she missed the delicious food outside the hospital.

"You are aware that you didn't do anything, right? Your mother was the one pulling strings for Michelle. How come you can be so shameless and ask her for dinner?" It was then that Leena's voice butted in. She walked into the room with a large container in her hands. She was amused. Her friends were talking so loud, she could hear their voices from the hallway.

"Leena! You are finally here! Do you know that I would be dead by starvation if you delayed yourself for even a minute? I survived a serious car accident but end up dead because I don't have anything to eat. How ridiculous wo

these two beside her. Though she complained a lot, she was indeed very grateful for having them in her life. They loved her and cared about her unconditionally. Thus, she intended to do the same for them.

"Of course we are your friends. In fact, we are your true friends who speak the truth to you. If it were anyone else, we surely wouldn't have given a damn about her." Leena raised her chin up and looked at Patricia with excessive pride. Her skin was really flawless. Her skin still looked fair and dewy even under the dry and harsh winter weather, hence, making others jealous.

"Don't mind her, Leena. She must have gotten insane during her stay in the hospital. That's why she keeps saying those crazy words." Only when she was bantering with her friends like this could Michelle return to her carefree and lively self. She was like this before she got married. However, ever since she got married, she had become dull and sad. It was unfortunate that she couldn't stay with her friends all day. Thus, it was rare for her to forget about the unhappiness in her life and be happy with her friends. .

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