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   Chapter 1451 Starting School (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5678

Updated: 2019-04-03 03:22

Patricia was practicing how to walk alone in her room when Michelle arrived at the hospital. Finally, she could now walk slowly again! Her gladness was evident on her face whenever she managed to make a tiny step. She might only be able to walk for some minutes at most now, however, she was sure that she could do better soon. She was lucky enough to survive the car crash. She just couldn't ask for too much, could she?

"Why are you here so early today?" asked Patricia as soon as she saw Michelle walked in. She stopped in her track and slowly made her way to sit on the bed. She was heaving when she grabbed her cup from the bedside table and gulped down a lot of water in one go. That practice really made her thirsty!

"You made it sound like all I do is to sleep." Though Michelle indeed slept the whole day every day, she still felt a bit embarrassed that her friend had pointed it out as soon as she saw her. So what if she was lazy? She was just naturally like that.

"Don't you? By the way, why are you here empty-handed? Have some manners, will you?" Patricia complained in fake annoyance. Leena would always bring some food to her whenever she came. However, Michelle was different. She didn't even bother to bring her anything at all! She always came empty-handed. Thus, Patricia found it really amusing.

"Why wouldn't I come here empty-handed? What do you need? As far as I can remember, you were complaining about getting fatter the last time I was here. You said that Leena brought you too much food every time she came. Thus, I don't bring you anything. Don't you think I'm clever? This way you won't have a chance to complain about me." Michelle shrugged. She didn't feel a

l had her friends whom she could count on.

"Don't give up on him so quickly. Just give it time. I am sure that he will come around," said Patricia with a sympathetic smile. She didn't know how to comfort Michelle. She was aware that her words were meaningless, however, it was the best that she could say. Her situation wasn't ideal either. She was still healing from her injuries and she was anxious about her relationship with Tom.

"I sincerely hope you are right. Did your mother tell you when I should be at school?" Michelle forced a happy smile on her face. She was not the type who was willing to show her sadness before others, even though they were her good friends. She was used to dealing with all kinds of things on her own because she was the independent type. Besides, she didn't want to burden anyone with her own sadness. Nobody deserved to be an emotional shock absorber.

"Whenever you are ready. Oh! Wait a minute, she gave me a recommendation letter. It's for you," Patricia said while opening the drawer beside her bed. She took out a letter and gave it to Michelle. Her mother was really considerate.

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