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   Chapter 1450 Improve Your Culture (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6283

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"You? You want to study painting?" Luke somewhat felt that he misheard her. It sounded quite ridiculous and didn't match her personality. Who would believe that a girl born in a gangster family would be interested in high culture such as art?

"Yes. I liked to draw when I was very young, but later I gave it up. So I want to take this opportunity to pick up where I left off, if it is still there...I mean the skill. And Patricia's mother is a famous painter, so I want to learn from her." Michelle was a little hurt by Luke's tone. She had already lost a lot of things that defined her original character after she got married with him. She had become less confident, being the target of his disdainful look all the time. It made her feel that she was good for nothing in his eyes.

"Whatever! It's your own business. You can decide for yourself when it comes to those matters. This is my credit card, buy whatever you want and don't ask for money from your parents," Luke said as he took out a gold card from his wallet and handed it over to her.

"Oh! I don't need it · I have money for the classes." Michelle refused immediately. If she took the card, it would make him think that she married him for the sake of money.

"What? Do you have any doubts about what I am saying? Or do you want to embarrass me and make everyone think that my wife still has to live with the support of her parents?" Luke was a little displeased, the veins on his hands which held the card bulging. He was trying his best not to get irritated and ruin his morning.

"I didn't ask for money from my family." Michelle bit her lips, feeling deeply wronged. But she still took the credit card anyway. She didn't dare to test his patience. Plus she had promised herself that she was going to be an obedient wife, no matter how rabid her husband talked to her. If everyone came to this world for r

, she could still find some other way to have fun and enjoy herself.

Michelle didn't linger too long in her pain and sorrow. When?life?pushed her over, she stood?up?and pushed back even?harder ?That was what Michelle was like, and she wouldn't allow herself to be trampled over by it. Besides studying painting, she also joined a crash course to learn cooking. She would not waste too much time on remorse and be productive instead.

"Mrs. Luo, are you going out now? It's still early," Seeing Michelle walk downstairs, Maria asked in confusion. She rarely saw Michelle get up so early.

"Yes! I will go to the hospital to visit a friend. You don't need to prepare lunch for me. I might be back quite late." Wearing her hair in a bob and with casual clothes in neutral style, Michelle looked very cool and pretty.

"Okay, I got it, Mrs. Luo." Looking at Michelle walk out of the house and disappear, Maria couldn't help but sigh from within. Mr. Luo was a cold man by nature and it would not be easy for any one to warm his heart. But she hoped that with the passing of time, he could finally feel and appreciate Mrs. Luo's love for him. Otherwise, they would have a miserable marriage and resent each other throughout the rest of their lives.

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