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   Chapter 1449 Improve Your Culture (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6588

Updated: 2019-04-03 02:16

"Senior Colonel Ouyang, if I didn't know well enough, I would believe that you are picking a fight with me now. Am I right?" Edward said coldly. Daisy should not forget that Kevin used to be Edward's rival in love. Now, if she kept favoring and defending Kevin all the time, it would only awaken Edward's already forgotten insecurities. How could he remain cool now?

"I'm not quarreling with you, I am only trying to get through to you with reason." Daisy frowned. She knew that she made him angry again. But she really didn't want to listen to him every time they had different opinions. She was firm on her stand this time and her sullen face made the atmosphere more tense.

"But you just made me feel that way, and you are very aggressive now." Edward stepped on the gas pedal of the car and sped up as anger rose in him. The car went so fast that Daisy felt gravity pin her to her seat. Meanwhile, Edward's hands which held the steering wheel tightened their grip. Obviously he was enraged.

"I don't think I am the one who's being aggressive. Moreover, don't you think the word 'aggressive' is bit too much?" Although Daisy already felt the anger that was about to burst in him, she continued to challenge him. She was sure that no matter how vexed he was, he would not pour out his fury on her. She found that the biggest change in him after she came back to him was that he had learned to control his temper, especially with her. No matter how mad he got, he would choose to suppress it and dare not act on it or do anything that would hurt her. Daisy had prepared for the worst - him pouncing on her and pouring out all his frustrations on her in bed.

"I found that you liked badgering me more recently," Edward said through gritted teeth. Like Daisy had thought, he was indeed pissed off, but he could only hide it in his heart and do nothing to her. It seemed that she got to know him more thoroughly, and that was why she felt reassured and emboldened t

lized that Daisy learned how to read what was on his mind and how to play with him.

It seemed that every couple had their own way of getting along with each other. But it all came down to the basics of love. If love was not present in a· marriage, then it was surely a pathetic one, doomed to fall apart in no time. Michelle was suffering from this kind of marriage now.

Michelle had never experienced what it felt like to wait till she got married with Luke. Everything happened so fast that it almost seemed like a shotgun marriage. No falling in love, no courtship, no wedding ceremony. She just woke up one day and she was already Mrs. Luo. Now, she had to get used to always waiting in boredom and loneliness with each passing day in a cold and lifeless marriage.

"Luke, can I talk to you?" Michelle got up early today and stopped Luke who was getting ready to leave for work.

"What is it?" Luke asked as he fumbled with his tie, not even taking a look at Michelle.

"Well, I want to study painting." Michelle bit her lips. She really wanted to help him with his tie. It was normal for a wife to help her husband with it, but she didn't dare to do this. His warning still rang in her ears and she quickly pushed this idea out of her mind. It was only a delusion and kind of out of reach for her.

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