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   Chapter 1448 Improve Your Culture (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6536

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"Okay!" Kevin gave him a flat response, without even turning his head. He was a little drunk so his usual awe-inspiring and righteous look was laced with a tinge of devilish hue.

Everyone got on their own cars and left. This time Daisy got in Edward's car.

"Why did you suddenly invite Kevin for a drink?" Daisy gazed at him, her eyes full of confusion.

"What? Are you worried that I might do something to hurt him?" Edward said with a playful smile. His delicate and handsome face still looked young and fascinating. He was the obvious proof of people who had defied the passing of time.

"Huh! I don't worry about him! I am more worried about you. If you two get into an actual fist fight, you are surely not a match for him." It was not that Daisy had no confidence in Edward. But as someone from the army, she had experienced Kevin's real strength herself, and it really intimidated her.

"My dear wife, you underestimate me. Sometimes, when dealing with a master hand, one does not have to battle against his strength. The key is to outwit him." This was what Edward was like. He never had any scruples about showing his skills in manipulation. FX International Group would not be where it was if he did not know how the world worked.

"You are indeed an unscrupulous businessman, always thinking of how to set others up every single time." Daisy narrowed her eyes and glanced at him, but she felt sweet in heart. This man, one of the most powerful men in the city, completely belonged to her, although sometimes he pissed her off. The good thing was that he no longer had any affairs with other women. She was glad that they had gotten past that horrible period of their lives. She had never dared to imagine that he would be hers for life. Because in her eyes, Edward had always been the noble and god-like man and was beyond her reach.

"You don't know, that nowadays, if you don't set others up first, then they would be the ones to do

And especially Kevin. I really don't know what to say now. Do you think if you love someone, it is justifiable for you to lock her up, and keep her close to you for the rest of your lives? Don't you think you should give her enough freedom to find herself and create her own happiness outside of the relationship?" Daisy had said this to him many times, but he never took it seriously.

"Why should I let her go? She is happy with us and we all care about her. She doesn't need anything else." Edward snapped. He felt annoyed because Daisy always stood up for Kevin.

"But she needs more than what you could offer to her. Yes, you're right, that she is loved and cared by all of you. But have you ever thought that she may need someone who really understands her? You may all say that you all understand her well. But that is a pile of bull crap and you know it. What she really needs is a soulmate. A man that she loves and loves her back. That is something that you can never be able to give her," Daisy argued strongly on these grounds. She always thought that they were overprotective of their princess Leena. Sometimes, such lavish affection might cause stress to her rather than do her any good. Fortunately she did not grow up to be a spoiled and rotten brat who would terrorize the society.

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