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   Chapter 1447 Do You Envy Us (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8004

Updated: 2019-04-03 00:14

"Maybe," Leena said, lost in thought. In her eyes, Kevin had always been an omnipotent man, and he could solve all kinds of troubles in the world.

"Girl, when you get to know more about them, you will understand what I mean. To tell you the truth, when they take off their uniforms, they are as fragile as ordinary people, just like you." Everyone in the room had experienced failures and setbacks, but they were all survivors. They had fought their way through to become winners. Their greatest enemy was not someone on the other side of the battlefield, but themselves.

"Senior Colonel Ouyang, may I take a picture with you?" a woman asked nervously as she approached Daisy. Her husband had told her that Daisy was called the 'Devil Drillmaster' at the army base. So, she was obviously a little scared to approach her. However, when she saw Daisy, she was so attracted by her that she couldn't help but ask for a picture with her. If Daisy allowed, she could show off her photo to others.

"Of course," Daisy could tell that she was nervous, so she readily agreed to her request.

"Really? That's great! Thank you. Leena, could you take a picture of us?" The woman handed her phone to Leena, and sat cheerfully besides Daisy.

Leena's mind drew a blank when she was suddenly handed the phone. She wasn't listening to the conversation between Daisy and the woman, so she didn't understand what the woman wanted. But when she saw her sitting next to Daisy and posing, she figured that the woman wanted her to take a picture. Although she had never used that particular brand of cell phone, she turned it on and soon found the camera application.

"Are you ready? I'm going to take the picture." Leena looked at them through the screen and thought, 'Daisy is so beautiful, compared to other women. She looks like a queen and the woman next to her looks like a servant girl... Oh my God! How could I think that? I'm such an idiot, ' Leena felt guilty about being mean to the poor woman.

"Leena, take some more beautiful pictures for us," the woman made a victory gesture and leaned her head towards Daisy.

"Relax. Even if it doesn't turn out well, you can still retouch the photo." Daisy opened her mouth to say something, but decided not to. She thought that she was beautiful and her pictures didn't need to be retouched at all. At the woman's request, Leena took a few more pho

't help smiling and thought that it was nice of her to admit her mistakes.

"Hum. I just can't hold my liquor. That's all. I don't forget myself in my cup!" Daisy glared at him, and then raised her foot to kick him. Edward quickly dodged as if he knew that she would make that move.

"Are you trying to flirt with each other in the middle of the night?" Leena looked at her sideways and asked jokingly.

"What? Do you envy us?" Edward pinched her face gently. If it hadn't been for Leena, Edward wouldn't have let Daisy go out with anyone.

"Of course not! I don't envy you," Leena raised her delicate chin and looked at Edward with contempt.

"Admit it. I promise not to make fun of you." Edward glanced at Kevin, who was standing next to him. Instead of saying anything to him, however, he continued to play jokes on Leena. 'I don't know why she keeps saying strange things to me lately. It's really worrying, ' thought Edward.

"I'm not going to admit anything. You two can stay here. I'm leaving now. It's so cold out here! Only idiots like you would want to play in this freezing temperature," Leena said, as she hugged her coat tightly.

"Are you cold? Get back in the car. We'll leave now," Edward said as he hastened her to get in the car for fear that she might catch a cold.

"Okay, you lead the way. We will follow you," Leena said, as she pushed Kevin into the car.

"Kevin, do you have time to drink with me some other day?" Edward asked, out of the blue. It surprised all of them because, with the exception of Duke, Edward was the one who hated Kevin the most.

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