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   Chapter 1446 Do You Envy Us (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8253

Updated: 2019-04-02 08:15

"Umm... I really don't know about that." Leena bit her pink lip awkwardly. She had never asked Kevin about his salary, nor did she know how much money he had. As a matter of fact, she didn't care if Kevin was rich or poor, because she was never short of money.

"Silly girl, you must have never asked Kevin about this, right?" A smile cracked Daisy's lips as she asked. And she realized at that moment that she didn't know how much Edward was making a month either. 'He probably doesn't know it himself, ' thought Daisy. Just like Leena, Daisy didn't care how much money her husband made, because she was an independent woman herself.

"I don't need to know. I'm not a gold digger, you know," said Leena, pressed her lips into a tight line. As a financially independent woman of the new era, Leena focused on improving her own values, rather than her husband's financial situation. Moreover, she did not want to interfere with his work. After all, when it came to money, relationships became delicate, even between couples. As a child who grew up in a rich family, Leena had seen too many couples split up because of money.

When it was time to go to work, Kevin and Daisy went back to the office, and Mark had been assigned to go somewhere. Only Lee was left behind.

"Leena, are you going to fry ribs?" Lee asked, surprised that a rich lady like her could cook. He closely watched Leena's skillful movements.

"Yes. I'm going to make Pepper Salt Spareribs, but I haven't cooked in a long time. I don't really remember how it's done. I hope it comes out well," Leena laughed nervously and placed the spareribs into the heated oil pan slowly. She was wearing a pair of disposable gloves to protect her skin from any possible oil splashes.

"It's going to be better than my cooking anyway," Lee said modestly, without hiding his shortcomings. His cooking skills were highly questionable.

"By the way, who used to cook for Kevin when he was at the army base?" Leena asked curiously, because she didn't think he would go to the army base's cafeteria every single day.

"Well, Senior Colonel Ouyang used to cook for us when she and Justin were at the base. She was an exceptional cook. The Major General was mostly busy, but he still occasionally cooked for us. I cooked sometimes too. But when we were all busy, we would go to the cafeteria." An embarrassed smile appeared on Lee's face. He didn't want to tell Leena that Kevin went to the canteen because he

s, risking everything, including their lives, to achieve their ambitions. They were also the umbrella of the common people. They served the people of their country and protected their lives and homes. Sometimes, they quarreled with each other like kids, but when they put on their military uniforms, they were united under a single flag.

"Daisy, why don't you go and have a drink with them?" Leena sat next to Daisy and asked her curiously. 'Aren't those men her comrades-in-arms? Why is she avoiding them?' Leena thought.

"I'm a cheap drunk. And moreover, if I join them, they won't be as comfortable as they are now." Although she was always told that there was no difference between men and women in the military, it was obviously not true. Like in this case, the men were all laughing and joking around together. They probably cracked some dirty jokes or said something inappropriate. Had Daisy been there, they would have to exercise control and be more restrained as she was a woman and they would have to behave with dignity in front of her.

Leena smiled. "You're right. We should just let them enjoy." She looked at their laughing faces and said, "They all look so brave, as if there is no difficulty that they can't overcome. It's so wonderful." Her eyes immediately fell on Kevin's handsome face.

"For now, they might think that; but they will encounter difficulties too and will feel regret and grief. At some point, they might get confused about the meaning of life too. It's all just a part of being a soldier." Daisy smiled bitterly. She knew that because she had gone through all those difficulties as a soldier herself.

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