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   Chapter 1444 Back To Base (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5587

Updated: 2019-04-02 08:13

"I think it's a great idea. If there's a shuttle bus available, spouses can go shopping as many times as they want. Remember to send me a written proposal later so I can approve it immediately," Kevin said. Like most men, he was not interested in shopping at all, so he had never thought of this before.

"Hey, why don't you write the proposal yourself?" Daisy suggested. She cast him a reproachful glance. Kevin could write the proposal himself so she wouldn't have to be bothered to do it, Daisy thought.

"Because I'm your superior, that's why you should do it," Kevin answered smartly. He laughed at his statement. He only dared to talk that way in front of Daisy, but never in front of her husband, Edward. Otherwise, the man would figure out a way to punish him on behalf of his beloved wife.

"Fine then! I'll write it. After all, I'm just a subordinate," Daisy murmured. She pretended to act as if Kevin had wronged her, though she knew the man was just teasing her. So, she teased him back.

Kevin broke into laughter. "I was only kidding. Are you angry with me?" he asked, his eyes smiling mischievously. If there were soldiers nearby, they would have been startled by Kevin's laugh knowing he always had a poker face.

"Yes, I'm angry. You know I'm a woman, and women easily take offense," she retorted. Daisy pretended to be annoyed, but her curled lips gave her away.

"Don't worry," Kevin assured her. "I'll ask Lee to write the proposal, so you don't have to worry about it. But it is a good suggestion," he said. Kevin shook his head in resignation. It suddenly dawned on him that women were so fickle, and he was only beginning to realize th

p Leena prepare the ingredients. Daisy wondered whether Kevin deliberately brought her here to help Leena with the cooking.

"Daisy, you're a soldier, and it's your duty to help me." Leena's eyes twinkled as she gave Daisy a sly smile.

"Oh, yeah? Well, Kevin's a soldier, too. And he's my superior. So, he's more obliged to help you," she argued. Their earlier banter about Daisy being Kevin's inferior came to her mind, and that she was obliged to obey him.

"Uhmmm…" Kevin thought he needed to escape. "I'm going downstairs to get the rest of the things in the car." He needed an excuse to leave before he got caught up in the banter between the two women.

Leena crammed so many things in her car that Kevin was flabbergasted. There were ingredients and shopping bags everywhere that the driver's seat was the only empty space. His face twitched at the mess before him. He would need to make several trips to get all of them upstairs, so Kevin decided to call for reinforcement. He called his guard, Lee, and Daisy's guard, Mark. Anyway, Daisy was with him, so it was only right for Mark to help her.

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