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   Chapter 1443 Back To Base (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5996

Updated: 2019-04-02 05:07

There was a blank look on Leena's face as she walked out of the hospital building and stood at the entrance. She would have to wait a while to carry out her plan. Heaving a sigh of relief, Leena decided to treat this period as a reward for herself.

She remembered what Kevin had told her a couple of days ago. After thinking for several minutes, Leena proceeded to her car and drove towards a big mall. Hours later, she emerged bearing various plastic bags in both hands, with several sales clerks following her carrying more shopping bags.

Afterward, Leena headed to a supermarket for food supplies. Her car was filled with an assortment of stuff when she drove to the army base.

It was 1 PM by the time she arrived at the residential area of the army base, which appeared deserted. She thought people might be napping.

She brought out the food that needed refrigerating before going upstairs. There were still a lot of things in the car, but it was impossible to carry all of them inside. Leena planned to call Kevin for help.

Using the key given by Kevin to enter the house, Leena found it empty. "Isn't Kevin taking a nap?" she asked herself.

Puzzled, she took out the coffee pot and began to make coffee while calling Kevin.

Kevin picked up the phone and recognized Leena's voice. "Hello, Nana!" he greeted her. The man was busy, but stopped what he was doing. He was studying a large military map spread out on his desk when Leena called. There was another military assignment for him again.

"Kevin, where are you?" Leena inquired. "In the office?" she guessed. While speaking, she familiarized herself with the kitchen. The last time, she had a hearty meal in Battalion Commander Xu's house. Deciding to invite Kevin's colleagues and their wives to dinner this evening

ry came to her mind about an officer who told Daisy about his wife always asking when Kevin's wife would come to the army base again.

"Yes, she gets along well with them. You know, our army base is far away from the city and traffic is not convenient. So women here seldom have the opportunity to go to the city to shop for clothes. Leena is a fashion designer, and they want her to help them mix and match clothes for them. That's quite understandable, right?" Kevin explained. He smiled as he remembered the many times soldiers' spouses would stop and ask him when Leena would be coming. Unfortunately, his wife had been really busy lately.

"Oh, I see. I was wondering if we could arrange a shuttle bus to run twice a day between the army base and city, so people without cars can go there and come back easily and without hassle. Presently, we only have a bus operating between the camp and food market, and this isn't very convenient for them," Daisy suggested. She'd had this idea for a long time, but no one proposed a shuttle bus before. So, Daisy thought they didn't need one. Now, it seemed she'd been wrong in her assumption, and they indeed needed to go to the city frequently.

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