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   Chapter 1440 What Jessica Ended Up With (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5848

Updated: 2019-04-02 00:14

Kevin had been in several fights before. He realized his opponent was too strong for him to fight head-to-head. With a strong offense, his target was also too arrogant to let him get away. Fortunately, this worked for Kevin just fine.

As a soldier, Kevin often took a more practical approach to subdue enemies, which was hitting right in the vital parts instead of flaunting his strength. So as the man ran towards him, Kevin didn't evade and grabbed him by the wrist just as the man was about to land a punch on Kevin. Immediately after, Kevin twisted the man's arm behind his back, and a loud agonizing pop was followed by the man screaming in pain.

The pain briefly disabled the man from fighting back, and then he attempted to give a sweeping leg. Unfortunately for him, Kevin noticed his slow move and jerked away from it. While evading the man's attack, Kevin struck him in the stomach with his fist. His counter-attack was so smooth that the man didn't even get the chance to defend himself.

When the boss was defeated, his men fled in confusion with their tails between the legs. It seemed like these men were only good at bragging after all.

After a while, when the commotion finally died down, the police cars raced along with sirens at full blast. They were so late to the party that Leena wouldn't have survived if it weren't for her husband.

After taking all of the fighters to jail, Kevin asked Hawkeye to interrogate them one by one. He really wanted to know the culprit behind all of this. To everyone's surprise, the person turned out to be none other than Jessica.

It didn't, however, make sense. Jessica was one of Edward's ex-girlfriends. 'What did she have against Leena?' thought Kevin.

But he was, by no means,

much as she could.

"Jessica, you volunteered to be a part of this game. You've always known that I'm way out of your league. You shouldn't have fallen in love with me," snorted Edward. Their relationship was purely a business deal. Jessica was his sex partner, and in return, Edward gave her money and fame. How could she blame Edward for dumping her when all he did was give her every fancy thing that she wanted?

"But, what is it about Daisy?" asked Jessica, "What's so special about her?" If only Edward had treated all his girls the same, Jessica wouldn't have hated him so much. It was because there was an exception, someone who was treated better than the rest - Daisy, who made jealousy get to Jessica's head.

"Right. I ask myself the same question. Like, why Daisy? What's so special about her? I've been looking for all the reasons, but haven't had much luck finding an answer. All in all, she just ended up becoming part of my life. She just... became someone whom I can't live without," Edward replied, getting lost in his own musings. It was true that he had asked himself the same question plenty of times. The answer just never came to him.

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