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   Chapter 1438 I Love Her Only (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5453

Updated: 2019-04-01 11:34

Leena didn't hesitate and got on the car as quickly as possible. She had faith in Kevin's judgment and never would she dare question him right now.

On the other hand, Kevin took off his coat and threw it into the passenger seat. He could sense that there would be a fight soon and he didn't want his coat to get dirty.

"Nana, close the window," said Kevin, without looking back at his wife. His expression was so dark that even Leena felt terrified just by how dangerous his eyes were.

"Not bad, kid! I have thought you would escape with your wife. However, you didn't do that. You do want to be a hero, don't you?" said the man who appeared to be the leader. He had blond hair and he wore a pair of big earrings. He removed his sunglasses while walking towards Kevin.

"Who are you?" asked Kevin curiously. He wasn't wearing his uniform today. Nonetheless, his sportswear didn't make him look any less dignified than how he usually was.

"No need to introduce ourselves. Regular men shouldn't make friends with us," said the leader arrogantly. He thought that Kevin was just a nobody. His master only wanted Leena dead. However, Kevin was standing between him and his prey, thus, he had to deal with him.

"Don't be a fool. Do you want to do it on your own or together with them?" Kevin scanned the group of men standing behind the leader. There were seven of them and he immediately knew that he was much better than all of them combined. The men might look terrifying but then they weren't soldiers. What did they know about actual and life-threatening combats?

"Be a smart man. Walk away from here while you stil

wice whatever the price is," said Leena scornfully. She got off the car and stood beside Kevin. Her sweet face had completely changed from being angelic to looking bloodthirsty.

"Good girl! However, we must follow the rules. You are a dead woman regardless of how much you're offering. It just doesn't work that way," said the man slowly and calmly. The leader's aura was dripping with confidence. He wasn't even worrying about any potential help coming here to rescue his prey. Moreover, he didn't even think that his prey could escape him. He eyed Leena amusedly and felt bad that such a beauty had to die.

"You have to ask for my permission if you want her life." It was then that a cold voice suddenly cut between the conversation. It was from Luke. His young master had ordered him to protect Leena as soon as the incident was reported to them. Thus, he came here as quickly as he could to rescue her.

"Luke, what are you doing here?" asked Leena in surprise as she scanned the number of men that came with Luke. Calmness returned to her and made her smile sweetly again.

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