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   Chapter 1437 I Love Her Only (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5687

Updated: 2019-04-01 11:16

"Kevin, do you know what's wrong with him?" Leena asked. Watching Rain's car pull out into the street made her hug herself worriedly.

"Only love can hurt him that much," Kevin replied in a low voice. He remembered what Rain said to him last night, thus, he sighed.

"Love can be tiring sometimes," said Leena with a disapproving frown. She then gently leaned against Kevin's shoulder as if wanting him to comfort her.

"You're right, Nana! By the way, It's cold here. Let's get inside." Kevin wrapped his arms around Leena as he spoke. He had always cared about her health, thus, he protected her from the cold wind.

"Aren't you going to the army base today?" inquired Leena as she looked up at Kevin. Spending some quality time with him wasn't something she could easily get due to his career.

"I'm free today. Would you like us to go somewhere and do something together?" Kevin lowered his head and kissed his wife's forehead gently. Leena had been excessively stressed recently. Heaven knew that he would do everything to comfort her mind.

"I'm too familiar with S City and we don't have much time to enjoy some out-of-town trips. Just forget it, Kevin. Let's just stay at home." These days, Leena had spent most of her time at home as she was rushing her designs. She would love to go out and travel. However, she wasn't ready to do that with Kevin emotionally yet.

"How about we go shopping? Don't girls like that? Just walking around the mall with their boyfriends or husbands?" He was trying his best. Nonetheless, Kevin felt as though Leena was getting out of his control. He really couldn't stop himself from getting illusions that she would leave him soon. He was wondering i

im. His mind was reeling whether the driver was an enemy. He knew deep down that he might have pissed off some gangsters in the past. This could be an act of revenge against him.

"Let's get out of here," said Leena. Terror quickly ate her up after hearing Kevin's explanation. Moreover, she could read from Kevin's serious face that they were indeed in great danger.

"It's too late. I bet the roads outside have been blocked," Kevin frowned when he saw another car driving towards them. He had always been a brave man, however, an unexplainable fear still made it to his chest. What if these people got desperate and shot him and Leena? They might not survive this if that happened.

"What about now? What should we do?" To be honest, Leena had never been scared of death. However, knowing that Kevin was in danger together with her still frightened her. Kevin's safety was her biggest concern.

"Get on the car right now and call the police," ordered Kevin in a calm tone. His eyes were now focused on the group of men who were getting off the cars. He felt relief washed over him upon seeing no signs of guns anywhere.

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