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   Chapter 1436 Got Drunk (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7589

Updated: 2019-04-01 11:16

"There, are you satisfied now?" Leena bit her lips and lowered her head, looking at her toes. She felt a bit embarrassed at the unfamiliar thing she just did. Kevin was making her do little shameless things bit by bit. What was going to be next?

"Just so so," Kevin replied. He stopped messing around because he felt a little more dizzy now. The alcohol was really starting to have its full effect.

"Okay, okay, let's go into the room now." Relieved, Leena helped him into the room. They could finally rest. With that much alcohol, she saw how her husband could turn into a giant baby.

"Nana, you are good at taking advantage of loopholes." Lying on the bed, Kevin gazed at her lazily.

"Me? You are so wrong! Stay there, I will go to prepare the bath water for you." Leena hurriedly ran into the bathroom, happy that she managed to muddle through this situation but she wouldn't admit it. Wasn't he the one who said it? She only needed to kiss him. He didn't require how long she should do the kiss. Therefore it was up to her to decide how long it was going to be.

Kevin smiled with self-mockery. It was true that he was a little drunk, but he was still conscious. He then remembered and dwelled on the thing that slipped out of Rain's mouth earlier when they were drinking. He felt that he hadn't misheard anything. The feeling in his gut that they were deliberately hiding something from him was getting stronger.

The next day when Leena woke up and opened her eyes, she found herself in the arms of Kevin, who was still in a deep sound sleep. She felt so warm as Kevin wrapped her by the waist with his muscular arms. And she found that he would subconsciously tighten his grip at her slightest movement, as if he was afraid that she would go away at any time. She carefully and quietly slid out of his embrace and got out of bed. There were now two men in the house who would need breakfast soon.

Coming downstairs, Leena found that Rain was still asleep. He drank too much last night. He was so drunk that he didn't even have any reaction when she walked into his room and tucked him in.

Thinking that they would feel like crap after they got up because of the hangover, she went into the kitchen and cooked some millet porridge. She added some c

es especially for you. Have a try! I know they're your favorite," Leena hurriedly interrupted the two and came to the rescue. She could no longer sit and watch, as the situation might spin out of control.

"Specially made for me? Look at that! Just for me, right? Surely I will have a try." Rain looked at Kevin with a smug face, as if saying, 'Look, these dishes are specially made for me by Leena. You can only watch me eat, huh!'

"Is it good?" Leena kicked Kevin under the table, ordering him to shut up. She was happy to see that Rain and Kevin had just started getting along, and she couldn't let the newly built and still fragile relationship go back to being cold and abrasive.

"Yes! It's very tasty. I'm very proud to have such a sister, who is always the best in everything." Rain beamed. He was happy to see Kevin's face become sullen.

Kevin frowned but he said nothing. He thought, 'Huh! Your sister? She is my wife now! If it were not for Leena who asked me to keep quiet, I would definitely strike back!'

The breakfast ended in an awkward atmosphere. Seeing that they stopped wrangling with each other, Leena felt relieved. She really thought that her life on earth would be shortened if they kept quibbling.

Rain soon bid good bye to them and left. He didn't believe that Annie would really disappear from his life easily and once and for all. So he decided to go to a more competent detective agency to find her. He would not easily give up until he was left with no other options.

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