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   Chapter 1435 Got Drunk (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7028

Updated: 2019-04-01 00:30

"It surprises me and makes me very happy that you care very much for our little princess. I hope that you can always be this good to her. Even if you know that she may never be pregnant, you should always love her and treasure her. Because she is the most precious person in our hearts, and no one else could replace her." Rain probably had already gotten drunk, otherwise he wouldn't be so negligent and spill the beans to Kevin. His tongue got too loose too soon.

"Huh? Wait...What did you say? Who may never be pregnant?" The alcohol had started to kick in and Kevin was a little dazed. He was already zoning out at the moment, that was why he didn't hear it clearly.

"What pregnant? I never said pregnant. I said that Leena was very precious to us. Come on, let's drink some more." Rain momentarily became sober as he accidentally blurted out Leena's secret. Fortunately, Kevin didn't clearly understand because of the alcohol and Rain was quick enough to rebound and cover it up. But in his own honest opinion, he believed that Kevin should be informed of such an important thing. But Leena insisted that they help her hide it from her husband. She just wasn't ready to ruin Kevin's happiness and bliss with such bad news, choosing to keep the pains and sorrows to herself.

"No, that's not right. I know you said 'precious', But I know that I heard you say something like pregnant as well." Kevin frowned and tried to remember what Rain said exactly but he couldn't. Was he really drunk? The alcohol might have blanked his memory and that was why he might have misheard Rain.

"Aww, Come on! Let's just keep drinking. Any way, thank you for taking care of our precious Leena," Rain hurriedly tried to steer the conversation away from a potential disaster. He couldn't let Kevin sense that something was amiss.

The drinking session ended with both men so drunk that they almost couldn't get up from the couch. Leena couldn't let Rain go home like this, so she made him stay in the guest room for the night.

"Annie..." Rain mumbled. One could feel how much he loved her in the endearing

enly ordered her.

"Oh! Out here in the hallway?" Leena was stunned. She glanced at the stairs and looked hesitantly. Although Rain was drunk, she still worried that he might suddenly appear.

"What else do you think?" Kevin suddenly became sulky and stubborn just like a child. No one knew what was on his mind now. He was just making a fuss.

"Let's go to our room first, okay?" Leena frowned and refused subconsciously. He never behaved aggressively like this before. Leena wondered what happened to him tonight.

"No, I just want to do it here, right here," Kevin insisted, unwilling to compromise. He looked intensely at her with his blurry eyes and rested his gaze firmly on her luscious lips.

"Haha! Kevin, what happened to you tonight? You are acting like a kid!" Leena laughed. The Kevin before her now was not the one she knew. He was confronting her with raised eyebrows, together with a tinge of charm and childishness. This was not like him at all. ·

"Don't try to distract me. I will not fall into your trap of manipulation." Kevin firmed his grasp and pulled her closer to him. He looked deep into her eyes, his face becoming red and hot and his eyes flashing with passion and fire.

Leena exhaled deeply and took a look at the downstairs again. Then she tiptoed and timidly planted a quick kiss on his thin lips, the way a dragonfly would skim the surface of the water.

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