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   Chapter 1434 Got Drunk (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6623

Updated: 2019-04-01 00:24

"Sorry for this," Kevin smiled and said apologetically. Even though they had held grudges against him because of his sudden marriage with Leena, he would not complain. Because in this regard, he actually owed them. He admitted that he did not really take their feelings into consideration when he married her.

"Just forget it. The rice is already cooked. What is done cannot be undone. What else could we do now?" Rain smiled helplessly. The talk concerning marriage made Rain become very emotional as he suddenly thought of Annie. Although they had already slept with each other, Annie still left him without so much as a note or goodbye.

"Have there been any problems in your work recently?" Kevin asked casually. This was a mission from Leena. Rain hadn't come around yet from his emotional issues, so Leena asked Kevin to straighten him out. But in Kevin's eyes, he himself was the one who needed to be straightened out. He also had a lot on his mind recently.

"Work will never be the reason that bothers me. Work problems are not real problems for me. Moreover, even if the sky falls, Edward is the one to bear the brunt." This was the first time that Rain had been willing to spend time with Kevin as friends. Probably because he was down and depressed today, and he really needed to let off some steam. Unlike on other days, he had become less overbearing.

"Then it is love that you are troubled by." Kevin frowned, feeling that Leena had given him a very daunting task.

"What do you think?" Rain pursed his lips and lay back on the sofa lazily. He was always like this, idle and carefree.

"It's beyond me," Kevin acknowledged. He was not a person who was good at reading people's minds.

"Then don't try to pry into my personal affairs." Rain was a man who liked to showcase his individuality, that he was different from most people, but he turned out to be very reserved when it came to matters of the heart.

"I'm sorry if I crossed the line," Kevin sa

. Otherwise, it'll be a social media viral party with you in the spotlight, understand? I will go upstairs to handle my emails." Leena thought that it was better for her to keep them out of her sight. If they wanted to get drunk, then just let them be! At least they were not out in a bar or somewhere else, doing something they might regret. Probably they would feel better this way. She knew they would not cause any commotion here even if they got too drunk.

"Okay! Go then!" Kevin agreed. He didn't want her to stay here and nag him all night.

"Come on, cheers!" Rain was eager to gulp the whole glass of wine down. He really wanted to get drunk.

"Hey, come on, take it slow!" Kevin reached out his hand and tried to stop him. If he continued to drink like this, he'd be drunk and unable to control himself way before midnight.

"Huh! You are probably worried that I would drink up the good wine you have collected here at your home, right? Well don't worry about that. I will give you a truckload of your favorite wines tomorrow." Rain said impulsively. He had started to get a little tipsy now.

"It's not the matter of the wine. Leena would be worried." Although Kevin also drank much wine, he was still very much clear headed. He could hold his wine well and few people could beat him in this aspect.

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