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   Chapter 1432 A Drunken Rain (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7953

Updated: 2019-03-31 01:24

"Oh, well, I can understand it. After all, he is a Major General," Dorothy said politely, by way of explanation. Passersby greeted her from time to time; she was after all a popular actress.

"Excuse me," Leena said, "but, I must be leaving now." Leena frowned as she noticed Rain, surrounded by a group of women fawning over him. She quickly trotted over. He really was going too far.

Dorothy drank some more wine and stared at Leena, licking her red lips. The woman who had used her photos to blackmail her was pressing her again, and Dorothy must do something about it this evening.

"Enough, Rain! Stop drinking!" Leena instructed firmly, taking his glass and setting it on the table next to them.

"I just had a few glasses," Rain explained. 'I shouldn't have asked Leena to be my companion to this party, she is being a bore, ' he thought.

"It doesn't matter how much you drank. You are going too far this evening. You are acting like a fuckboy!" Leena gritted her teeth in suppressed anger. Leena hated this kind of behavior, especially in men, so she was quick to stop him.

"Oh no, look, our little princess has gotten angry," Rain teased in an animated voice, avoiding Leena's disapproving eye.

"I'm not angry. I just don't want you to be taken advantage of by a group of shameless women," Leena said with a frown. She just didn't understand how women could act so shamelessly, and without honor. They pretended to be the purest and most innocent women, but under the magnifying glass they were revealed as willing to sleep with anyone who was rich and powerful.

"So what? If I have sex with them, I'm not the one on the loose," Rain said, arching one eyebrow. Rain found that Leena had changed a lot since she got married. In the past she would not have involved herself in his affairs.

"Come on! You were acting like a man-whore, with those women touching you all over. And to act so in public! I hate seeing you like this, so I interceded. But, if that's how you want to act and be seen, then go ahead, I'm tired of caring." Leena was really pissed off with Rain now as he was making a mockery of himself.

"Ha! Why should I deny myself some pleasure? No one truly loves me, so if so many women are interested in spending time with me, why should I turn them down?" Rain said bitterly. Sorrow had crept into his voice, breaking Leena's heart.

been blue recently, and wanted to vent her sorrow by yelling at the KTV. She thought that it might help Rain too.

"Just the two of us? That's hardly funny." He was not in the mood for antics. Actually, he had not been in the mood to do anything since Annie left. He felt like a zombie, a walking dead in his own life.

"You think that I can't be fun?" Leena cast a challenging glance at him.

"Look at what you are wearing! You are in a formal dress. Have you seen anyone go to a KTV in a formal dress?" Rain glanced pointedly at Leena's dress and added, "You're being silly."

"Oh, no, well I guess not. I didn't consider that," she admitted, deflated by his attitude. "So, where do you want to go then?" she added and shivered in the freezing cold outside. Leena wanted to go home now, but she was worried about Rain, and didn't want to leave him alone.

"Let me drive you home. We can't go anywhere with you dressed like that, in any case." He had noticed her discomfort, and draped his coat over her shoulders.

"Okay, let's hang out next time, then," she suggested, grateful for the warmth of his coat.

"You'll owe me one." Rain agreed, walking her towards his car.

Arriving at Grand Apartment, they saw Kevin, who had just returned from out of the city. Kevin, however, didn't see them, and walked briskly towards the elevator.

"Kevin, wait!" Leena called out to him. She recognized her husband, even though his broad back was towards them. She was thrilled to see him.

On hearing her familiar voice, Kevin turned, and was stunned to see Leena and Rain.

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