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   Chapter 1430 Even Death Can't Part Us (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5691

Updated: 2019-03-31 01:24

"Hmm. Excellent manners and academic performance? Mr. University? I don't think so," Tom said, snorting. Summer was only above average in looks, according to him. Why he was so popular with women?

"Tom, I heard that Patricia used to have a thing for him," Leena whispered conspiratorially. She winked at Tom, goading him.

"What? Are you joking? Patricia has such bad taste in men." The moment he heard that Patricia had a thing for Summer, Tom immediately straightened up. Suddenly, he realized that he was acting weird and leaned back against the couch in repose, as if nothing had happened. However, he was troubled inside. Did Patricia still love Summer?

"Bah! Just admit that you're jealous of him. You are such a stubborn man!" Leena said. 'Are all men as stubborn as Tom? He obviously cares about Patricia. He is just too proud to admit it, ' she thought.

"I am not jealous! Has that man left yet?" Tom defended himself, even as he wondered about Summer. His reaction amused Leena. Tom used to be coolheaded. When did he become like this?

"I asked him to take care of Patricia before I came here. So, no. I think he's still with her," Leena said honestly. She didn't think it was a big deal. If Patricia and Summer still had a thing for each other, they would have long become a couple.

"What? Why did you leave him with Patricia?!" Tom raised his voice instantly. He realized that he was no longer rational when it came to Patricia.

"Haha! What happened? Why couldn't I leave Patricia with Summer? He is a reliable man! Oh, I see. You don't feel at ease when they are together, do you? Don't worry your pretty little head, Tom. They are just good friends," Leena said with a

k with him.

"All right. But you must put on a coat first." Kevin stood up and went to the bedroom to fetch a coat for her. To him, Leena was more important than work.

It was their first time strolling through the park at night. They walked slowly, hand in hand. 'How I wish this moment could last forever, ' Leena thought.

"Are you cold?" Kevin asked as he cinched her coat, fearing that she might catch a cold.

"No," Leena said. She raised her head and looked at him, smiling sweetly. She treasured every moment she spent with Kevin.

"Did you go to the hospital today?" Kevin asked her. He could tell she was in a different mood tonight and it made him nervous.

"Yes, I did. Patricia's leg is coming along fine. I guess she will get discharged from the hospital in a couple of days," Leena told him. She entwined her fingers with his as they wandered through the path lined with trees. It was late and the sun had gone down. Street lamps gave off uneven beams of light on the cobblestones. Maybe it was because of the cold winter, that only a handful of people could be seen outside. Silence hung around the park.

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