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   Chapter 1429 Even Death Can't Part Us (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6108

Updated: 2019-03-31 01:24

"Hey, where are you going?" Summer asked in curiosity. It was freezing outside. He wondered why Leena and Patricia wanted to step out instead of staying inside the warm ward.

"We're going to bask in the sun in the garden. What does it have to do with you?!" Patricia blurted out. She was clearly a bit pissed off with him.

"Are you sure you want to bask in the sun on such a cloudy day? You might get wet instead," Summer said ironically. He looked at the sky from the window. It was damp and cold outside and it was probably going to rain. What the hell were these two women up to?

"That's none of your concern! Leena, let's go. Don't waste your breath talking to him!" Patricia pulled at Leena's arm as she rolled her eyes at Summer.

"Hey! Why are you getting so pissed off? This is not like you at all!" Summer stooped down to rest his hands on Patricia's shoulders. He stared at her teasingly. Just then, Tom entered the place. From his angle, it looked like Summer was kissing Patricia.

"What are you doing?!" Tom interrupted them all of a sudden. His icy glare could have frozen a lake. Patricia couldn't help but shiver at his tone.

"Tom, you are here!" Leena greeted him with a smile. She had planned to visit him later on, but here he was, in front of him. She hadn't expected him to come.

"Hi, Leena. Come to my office in some time," Tom said to Leena, but his eyes were still fixed on Patricia. He was still waiting for her answer to his question. She must explain herself!

"Tom, how did you find time to come here today?" Patricia asked him eagerly. She was so excited to see Tom that she didn't notice he was about to lose control. He misunderstood what he saw.

"Why? You're upset you've been caught red-handed, is that it?" Tom taunted her while casting a contemptuous glance at Summer. He

t was that back there? Why did your anger hit the roof?" Leena asked him with a laugh. She didn't believe what he just claimed.

"It was just that I was in a bad mood." To cover up his embarrassment, Tom held his fist against his mouth and coughed shortly.

"That's a very poor excuse," Leena grumbled and pursed her lips. She decided to let it go. Tom was not ready to admit to his feelings.

"Who's that man?" Finally, Tom couldn't help but blurt out.

"Which man?" Leena pretended to be clueless, like she didn't know who he was asking about.

"The man who was with you and Patricia. Don't play around with me, you naughty girl," Tom said as he pinched her cheeks.

"I thought you didn't care about that," Leena teased him.

"I don't care. I am just curious," Tom mumbled, a little embarrassed. The color on his cheeks heightened a bit.

"Okay. He is Summer Xia, Patricia's senior at university. He has excellent manners and was brilliant at academic performance. Also, he's so handsome. He used to be very popular at university, you know. He even won the accolade of Mr. University," Leena said before she sighed in admiration. She continued to tease Tom. She wanted to see how he would react.

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