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   Chapter 1426 Long Time No See (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5478

Updated: 2019-03-31 00:14

He really wanted to know what was hurting his precious girl. He wanted to make Leena happy again. He just couldn't think of anything that could make Leena cry in the bathroom alone. His heart ached when he thought of Leena's swollen red eyes. He wanted her to forget about the thing that pained her, so he kissed Leena to take her mind off it. And now, he was the one left alone while smoking in the cold night air.

He put out the cigarette between his fingers. He was suddenly no longer in the mood for smoking anymore. He turned around and walked back into the room. Standing beside their bed, he stared at Leena's sleeping face. She was as peaceful as an angel. Then he bent down and gently kissed her cheek. She was so beautiful. He got inside the bed and pulled Leena in his arms. Leena struggled a bit in her sleep but she settled down soon upon finding a comfortable place in his arms. She then continued her sleep.

A tender smile cracked Kevin's lips upon seeing Leena's peaceful face. She was as cute as a small kitten and it melted his heart. He adoringly kissed her forehead and tightened his arms around her. It was time for sleep. Regardless of what was bothering her and how serious it was, he was going to face it with her. He would never leave Leena no matter what.

The next morning, as usual, Kevin was not in the bed anymore when Leena woke up. Though she told herself that she was used to it now, she still couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. She slowly got up. Her body was sour everywhere and the slight tingles on her skin made her think of how she and Kevin passionately made out last night. A blush crep

ing later? Are you staying at home or going to the hospital to see Patricia?" The Kevin before would never ask questions like these. Since when was he curious about Leena's daily life? Leena couldn't understand why he was asking these normal but also weird questions.

"I am not sure yet. But aren't you busy right now?" Leena asked in a curious tone. He was acting really strange today. Thus, she just couldn't help but wonder if something had happened.

"Yeah. I am in the training field right now. All right, go and have some food! I am going back to work as well." As soon as he saw a commissar walking towards him, Kevin quickly said goodbye to Leena and hung the phone up. He didn't want the official to see him calling his wife when he should be watching over the soldiers on the training field.

Leena pursed her lips, tilted her head, and thought for a moment. However, she quickly shrugged, threw her phone on the bed, and put it behind her. It seemed that Major General Gu could also be weird sometimes, just like her brother Edward. They were indeed very alike in some ways.

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