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   Chapter 1421 Prostitute (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 10173

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"I am very sorry for what happened today," Michelle apologized, wondering whether this could make him less angry. It was a long shot but she said it anyway.

"Do you know what you did wrong?" Although Luke was only Edward's bodyguard, he also had his own unique and strong presence. Michelle felt frightened and backed a few steps as she saw him casually raise his eyebrows.

"I admit that I shouldn't have gone out to drink so late. But I don't think that I was wrong to punch that low-life piece of scum," Michelle said defiantly. She soon forgot her initial plan to play soft, getting defensive after seeing his overbearing manner.

"In that case, why did you call me instead of solving the matter yourself?" Luke said, a little irritated. Although he had tried his best to suppress his anger, he still had the urge to strangle her to death. In fact, he already considered it a miracle that he could hold his temper for this long and didn't let it explode.

"It was the police officer who asked me to send for my parents. I had no choice but to give your number to him," Michelle said in a weak voice. She was his wife, and she didn't think that it was still appropriate to call his father in this case. If her father came, he might burn the police station down. Her father got quite a temper and did not respect the police force. He actually had quite a few unpleasant encounters with them! It was a miracle or rather it was the loopholes in the laws that made him walk freely on the streets.

"You sound as if you are the one wronged and I'm the one who deliberately put you into trouble." Luke narrowed his eyes and gazed at her with his raging eyes. His voice was solid but it trembled at certain points of uncontrollable fury.

"I didn't mean that. Since you are not happy about it, I will not call you next time." Michelle swallowed hard and didn't know where to look at under his intense gaze.

"Next time? There's going to be a next time? You mean you will find yourself in trouble back at the police station again?" Luke asked in a piercingly cold tone. If Edward hadn't talked to him earlier that night, he would not have been so calm. She should feel lucky.

"There are so many bad guys out there. I can't assure you 100% that I won't run into them in the future. Otherwise I should just stay at home and be locked up here all day long and just become a grumbling and nagging housewife. Is that what you want?" It was true that she loved him, but that didn't mean that she would bend over backwards and lock herself up in a dungeon for him. In this case, Michelle would not be Michelle anymore. She would become a ghost.

"Very good. You have a gift of a gab. It seems that I have stuck my nose into your affairs tonight. My apologies." Luke said sarcastically as he looked deeply into her eyes. He sneered and turned around to leave.

"Hey, wait. I am here at your disposal. You can do anything, if you want to beat me up or scold me, I will not complain." His indifferent manner was emotional abuse to Michelle, a

"Mom, I know." Michelle smiled bitterly. Perhaps even the warmest sunshine would be unable to melt the most frozen piece of ice which was undeniably the one in Luke's heart.

Michelle had thought that as long as she devoted herself into loving him, she would be duly paid back with his love. But she didn't expect that all her efforts would have no effect on him. She never wanted him to be that enthusiastic about her. She only wanted him to accept her love, to allow her to express her love to him.

Love is a complicated thing in this world. It depended on how one perceived it. Now she was caught in a dilemma and wasn't sure how to continue. She didn't want to blame anyone for this. Her only regret was that she shouldn't have agreed to this marriage set up so rashly.

Leena still had to drink the herbal medicines everyday. The bitter flavor almost made Leena throw up every time. Seeing Leena's miserable expression, Kevin thought that he needed to take some time from his busy schedule to visit the hospital and discuss it with Tom.

"Major General Gu, what brought you here?" Tom teased when he saw Kevin drop by his office unexpectedly.

"Who knows? Maybe I was carried here by the tailwind. Are you still busy now? I kind of wanted to have a talk with you." Since the last time they talked to each other, they got along quite well. So Kevin didn't have qualms about exchanging any banter with Tom.

"So you came here especially to talk to me?" Tom was a little surprised. He had thought that Kevin came here with Leena to visit Patricia. It was always the case. At least in this hospital, it was strange to see Kevin here without his wife with him.

"Yes, pretty much." Kevin glanced around the room and then sat on the sofa without waiting to be invited.

"What do you want to talk about? It's about Leena, I'm sure." Tom knew that try as they might to keep the truth from him, Kevin would sense it. It was only a matter of time. And he was right. Kevin had come today, wanting to find out the truth.

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