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   Chapter 1420 Prostitute (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6146

Updated: 2019-03-30 00:25

"Is 10, 000 enough for you? Or you can consult the police and let them make the calculation for you," Luke said while taking out his wallet. If it was not for his identity, he would not give the man even a penny.

"10, 000? Do you think I am a beggar? No matter what, you need to pay at least 20, 000." The man was getting too greedy. In fact, it was beyond his expectation for Luke to offer 10, 000. But seeing that he didn't have any hesitations about taking out so much money, the man decided to take advantage of him and demanded more.

"What? 20, 000? 10, 000 is a lot already. If you want that much money, you'd better go and rob the bank! You are shameless and pathetic!" Michelle was vexed. 'God forbid that I ever run into this hillbilly again, otherwise I will really break his legs. We'll see whether he'd dare to demand that much money again!' Michelle fumed inside.

"Okay fine, here is 20, 000." 20, 000 was to Luke what 200 was to common people, so he didn't care at all. The man's jaw almost dropped to the floor when he saw Luke take out the money. He didn't expect that it would be so easy for him to get 20, 000. He considered whether he should have asked for more.

"Why the hell are you giving him the money? He's ripping you off and you're giving him what he wanted. Luke, are you brainless?" Michelle stood right up out of anger. She hated it the most when people who had wronged her got to show their smug faces in front of her.

Completely ignoring Michelle, Luke turned to the man who seemed to be the chief at the station and said, "Officer, we have reached an agreement. Could I take her home now?"

"Oh! Sure. Just sign your name here, then you can go." Truthfully, the chief officer was also taken aback by Luke's way of dealing with this matter. He didn't even try to make a bargain, or more precisely

t she would stay outside overnight. She could if she liked the freezing cold. Plus, he had pretty much time anyway.

"Okay, come on, Michelle. You can do it." Michelle encouraged herself and knocked her fist on her chest, then she walked into the house as if she were a heroin coming in for a death fight.

She was not good at playing the "graceful card", but no one could be better than her in playing the fool. So after she entered the house, she laughed a silly laugh in front of him and hurriedly said, "I'll go upstairs to take a shower now." Then she quickly disappeared, running up the stairway.

Luke was not in a hurry and just let her go. She could take her time. He had already waited for so long so he didn't mind waiting a little bit longer.

But she had to face what would come to her sooner or later. When she walked out of the bathroom, she saw that Luke had come to the bedroom. It was rare for her to see him there, but Michelle didn't look surprised. She knew Luke wouldn't let her get away with this fiasco so easily. During the shower, she had prepared for the worst and told herself to behave her best. She also made up her mind that she would not talk back no matter how harshly he scolded her.

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