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   Chapter 1415 Confronting Dorothy (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7639

Updated: 2019-03-29 05:08

"Is it really just for improving your health?" Kevin asked disbelievingly. He dubiously gave the medicine back to Leena, still considering whether he should trust her or not. In the past she had always been afraid of taking Chinese medicine, and this change concerned him. How come she was willing to take it now? Kevin remembered that Tom had once told him how Leena disliked taking bitter Chinese medicine so much, that she would run away from it. So, it was just odd that she was now taking it in secret.

"Of course, what else do you think it is for? I have nothing to hide from you." She laughed, trying not to sound nervous. "Now, you should go wash up. Dinner will be ready soon." She changed the topic. As a matter of fact, the medicine was indeed a kind of tonic, therefore Leena's words were somewhat true. What she didn't tell Kevin though, was the medicine's intended use and desired result.

"I'll fix the dinner," Kevin offered, "go, take your medicine first," Kevin said, removing his coat. Tossing the garment over the back of a dining-room chair, he returned to the kitchen, rolling up his sleeves.

"I can cook after taking the medicine. You really should take a break, " Leena quickly said. She knew how tired he could be from his work, so she hadn't the heart to let him cook.

"Don't worry. I'm not very tired today, it was quiet at work, and I didn't have much to do." Kevin said cheerfully, and bowed to kiss Leena gently on the forehead. He then started cooking, beaming with satisfaction.

Seeing Kevin working happily in the kitchen, Leena no longer insisted on fulfilling her womanly tasks. Watching his broad back, Leena felt a gush of happiness sweep through her. He was such a thoughtful husband, and cared so much about her. She sincerely believed that she might be the happiest woman in the world. Most women would feel the same way if they were Leena. After all, who didn't want to be loved and adored?

After gazing affectionately at Kevin for a while, Leena sighed wistfully and turned to drink the medicine. Like always, it tasted terrible. So, when the liquid went down her throat, she couldn't help but gag, her face turning pale.

"Are you okay, babe?" Kevin asked, concerned by the sound. He set the spatula down at once, and came to Le

everyone who approaches you has an axe to grind." Dorothy replied with a sneer. It was true that she had an agenda for getting close to Leena, but not all of their meetings had been planned; at least, the one in the Capital City was merely a coincidence.

"Believe me, I wish I was imagining things. But Miss Lu, could you guarantee that you want nothing from me?" Leena asked. She wasn't irritated by Dorothy's words, for she trusted her intuition which told her that, Dorothy was a sophisticated woman, but not as nice a person as she pretended to be.

"If you insist." Dorothy sighed. "If I left you with this bad impression, you have my apology." She took a deep breath and continued, "Yes, I try to make friends with you for a reason, but it's not what you think. All I want is the opportunity to repay Kevin for his kindness, and for that I need your help." Dorothy said demurely. Sorrow was seemingly written on Dorothy's face, as if Leena's words had been a real blow for her.

"Very good, though I must say, Miss Lu, that this reason does not seem convincing at all. If you want to repay Kevin, you can approach him directly. Surely, you do not need my help. I'm not involved in this in any way." Leena stated coldly. 'I wasn't born yesterday!' She thought, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She just couldn't believe that Dorothy would come up with such a lame excuse. It was almost as if she had just recited lines from one of her pulp dramas. Good heavens! Mentally, Leena laughed at the tragedy of it.

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