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   Chapter 1409 Tied In Wedlock (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5572

Updated: 2019-03-28 06:11

"Yeah. It's very nice of you to ask, Senior Colonel Ouyang." Michelle was embarrassed. She felt as if they met yesterday, but everything had changed now.

"Ha ha! Just call me Daisy. You're part of the family now." Daisy grinned. Luke was unwilling to change the way he addressed her, but she didn't want Michelle to follow his example.

"But is that proper?" Michelle hesitated. She felt gawky because of Luke.

"Sure. We're of the same family. Luke has been used to calling me Mrs. Mu and he said he can't change it. That's why he calls me like that. I'd say bullshit, but if he's happy with it, I won't make a big fuss." Daisy didn't expect that Luke and Michelle would get married so quickly. They didn't even go through the proper dating and falling in love phase and now, all of a sudden, they had become husband and wife. They still had a long way to go. Unexpectedly, change was an instantaneous thing.

"Okay, Daisy." Michelle smiled as she purposefully mouthed out the name. She had become more comfortable around these two women of the Mu family.

"Auntie, Grandma said you married into our family. Is it true?" Justin came out from nowhere, blinking his big black eyes and smiling excitedly.

"Huh?" Michelle was taken aback. What an awkward question this boy asked. But she had to answer him, "Yes, it's true."

"Wow. Then you'll have babies, right?" Justin asked another straightforward question. Michelle's face reddened. She just got married and hadn't thought about that. Justin's question prompted her to put it on the agenda, but she knew that it would be difficult to get intimate with Luke. She had become his wife, but it didn't mean th

re. She knew what Michelle thought. It wouldn't be easy, but she had a lot of time.

Michelle went to say goodbye to Cynthia before she left, but Luke wasn't outside waiting like Daisy said. She was disappointed not to see him there, but she brushed it off and confidently raised her head and walked home very leisurely.

When she got home however, it was strange that the house was quiet. 'Hasn't Luke come back? Maybe I misunderstood. He's probably still back in Daisy's house, ' thought Michelle.

A deep frown marred her face. She threw herself onto the couch. She was always optimistic, but now she suddenly felt a bit sad. She really didn't know whether she had made the right decision. She was finally married Luke, but she could tell that he was colder to her than ever and even acted as if she were just a stranger who had nothing to do with him. It was easy to pay no mind to it when they were just people who knew each other. But now they were a married couple, and that kind of behavior was impossible to ignore. However, since she had made this choice, she had to work hard to win his heart.

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