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   Chapter 1407 A Marriage Promised (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5993

Updated: 2019-03-28 00:25

"What about your life after getting married? Are you gonna stay here or live somewhere else? I'll prepare the house for you." This was what Edward was concerned about. If Luke and Michelle stayed here, he would have the rooms in this house rearranged. But if they wanted to live somewhere else, all he needed to do was find another house that would be perfect for them.

"We haven't discussed it yet. But we probably won't live here. I've started looking around and I have my eye on a few good houses nearby." The reason Luke did not want to stay here with the rest of the family was because he did not want them to find anything wrong between Michelle and him. He was worried that their relationship would be the center of excessive attention. A different house would be good to maintain privacy. That was why he preferred to live with his future wife separately.

"Okay, I got it. I'll take care of the house hunting. You don't need to worry about it," Edward said in a serious tone. He stopped making fun when it came to serious topics like this.

"It's okay! I can pay for it!" Luke refused. He had saved a large amount of money through all the years. He could even afford to buy a grand shopping mall if he wanted to. He had been well-paid thanks to Edward. Besides, he had stock shares in FX International Group. He was literally quite rich.

"Consider it our wedding gift to you and your new wife! That's all. Don't refuse us brother!" Edward surely knew that Luke did not lack money, and that he was actually rich. He knew exactly how much money he made. But the house was a gift that he wanted to prepare for him and he would not take no for an answer.

Besides, it was not a tough task for Edward to find a house nearby, especially that money was not an issue. He had bought a

couples nearby did not have any effect on him at all.

Michelle momentarily paused as if in deep thought when she was about to sign on the paper, which made Luke frown a bit. What was she thinking now? Was there a bit of regret?

"Miss, you can stop now if you don't really want to marry him." A young female was proceeding with their registration. She never saw a man come here to marry with a cool face like Luke. He even read the marriage declaration so reluctantly with a poker face and a monotonous voice during the whole time, as if someone was holding a knife against his throat.

"No. I'll be done soon." Michelle smiled awkwardly. She made up herself slightly today and put on a skirt she seldom wore. She dressed herself elegantly, thanks to Leena's fashion sense. Leena, being a celebrated designer made sure that her friend looked great on her wedding day and prepared all of these for her.

When their marriage certificates were sealed officially, they both felt quite relieved as if the seal was stamped on their heart. She felt that this man finally belonged to her for eternity, and he knew that his life would be changed completely, which was something he dreaded a lot.

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