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   Chapter 1404 A Marriage Promised (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5246

Updated: 2019-03-27 17:38

It had been one week since Michelle last saw Luke. For the previous week, Michelle went to a remote village with the excuse of traveling. But in fact, she wanted to stay away from S City for a while in order to rethink about herself and her feelings for Luke. She was the kind who expressed her love and unhappiness without inhibition. In order to win Luke's heart and make him change his attitude towards her, she had to be strong enough, so that she would be able to endure the pain that he caused over and over. That was how much she loved him.

He still remained cold with a certain, noticeable distance between them and Michelle still could not help but feel small. Despite this, she still raised her chin and proudly walked up to him.

"Hey! Iceman." Michelle tried as hard as she could to greet him with a steady voice and calm expression. She greeted him in a casual tone as if she just ran into him. But actually, she followed him all the way here.

Luke saw her but did not acknowledge her, acting indifferently and continuing to drink the tea in his hand. At this time, Edward was staying with Daisy so he did not need to be on standby for any work for Edward. He was enjoying his rare free time, especially happy that Michelle hadn't shown up for an entire week to bother him, which he appreciated. But now, out of nowhere, she showed up here, and that was something Luke did not anticipate. He thought she'd already given up.

Michelle had already gotten used to his attitude. But she still could not help feeling a bit awkward when he made no response

The only time she would stop bothering him was if and when he got married. She would not be a shameless loser who ran after a married man. Yes, she was a thug, having connections in the underworld, but she had her limits and she would draw the line at some point. Far up ahead, she already knew what she should and should not do.

"Fine. If that's the case, I will marry you! But I have one request. You go and persuade your parents about it. Don't expect me to help you with that. I'm not the type who visits the family and asks their daughter's hand in marriage. Yuck." Luke shrugged in disgust. "Let me know how that goes." Just then, Luke stood up. His parents actually could not stop talking about his future, especially about marriage recently. He did not want them to worry about him anymore. Plus, Michelle was the only single woman he knew. So he'd considered that it could be worth a try. She desperately wanted to have him, while he was in need of a wife. As long as his parents were happy, he did not care who his wife was, at all.

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