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   Chapter 1402 The Plan (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5493

Updated: 2019-03-27 08:51

"See? I'm not bothering her at all!" the woman challenged Mrs. Xu, holding her gaze. She didn't want to hurt Leena, but she was making her uncomfortable.

The women here were all military spouses, but Leena was the only one from a rich family. Moreover, her husband was capable and handsome. Some were overcome with jealousy, and really did want to bring her down. Leena had no choice but to handle them with grace.

After supper, Kevin and Leena bid them goodbye and left the building. Kevin had some wine, so he didn't drive, but instead sat in the passenger seat of Leena's car.

"You were great tonight! Everyone likes you!" Kevin teased her with a laugh. He was going to butt in and save her from the embarrassment when she had to field countless questions, but then he decided to let her deal with them by herself. After all, he couldn't always hide her, and she had to meet them one day. His decision was correct; Leena had been very reserved at the beginning, but she relaxed and was bantering with them later.

"Well, I am such an adorable girl, and everyone loves me," said Leena who made a face and stuck her tongue out. Then she laughed out loud.

"Tonight was your warmup. They get worse as time goes on, believe me." Kevin lived in the building for several years, and knew them well. Not everyone was as kindhearted as Leena. Daisy had also lived there for years, and had been the talk of the building. She had been a single mom at that time, and hot as well. But Daisy couldn't care less what they thought. Let them talk, she figured. It had nothing to do with her.

"I know, but I think I can handle them. After all, I'

rdered, as long as she held those pics over her head.

"That depends on you. Be careful, and don't let anyone find out our plan," the woman said impatiently as she waved her hand dismissively, indicating that Dorothy should leave. And she did have to be careful — if they were spotted by paparazzi, it could ruin everything.

Dorothy bit her lower lip. She was going to speak, but thought better of it.

"What? Anything else?" the woman asked, annoyed.

"Why do you hate Leena so much? There's gotta be a story there," Dorothy asked in confusion. In her eyes, Leena was so kind and adorable. Why did the woman want to hurt Leena?

"None of your business! You may have heard the expression: curiosity kills the cat. Just do as I say." The woman's voice was cold as ice, which made Dorothy tremble. Dorothy could imagine the hatred on the woman's face. She could feel it.

"But... what if I mess everything up?" Dorothy asked tentatively. She knew she wasn't a nice girl, but she didn't want to hurt Leena. It was only the photos that kept her here, and doing as this woman demanded.

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