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   Chapter 1401 The Plan (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5773

Updated: 2019-03-27 01:05

"You're the boss," Leena answered, her eyes full of affection. She always looked favorably on Kevin's ideas.

"Well, then let's go have dinner with them?" Kevin asked, looking at her. He always asked for her input. That was how relationships worked best.

"That is great," Mrs. Xu said. "Leena's never been here before, right? There are some friends in this building really want to meet her. We're all military spouses so we definitely have things to talk about." Mrs. Xu held Leena's hand and led them to her house. She was so kind that Leena and Kevin couldn't very well refuse.

"You're too kind, Mrs. Xu," Kevin said with a smile. Mrs. Xu was right; he should have introduced Leena to his co-workers and their wives. Leena might be happier making new friends.

"Please, not so formal. I'd like to have you and Leena over every day." Mrs. Xu laughed. Her child was a junior high school student and was in boarding school, so he was only home on weekends. And her husband was busy at work, so she stayed home, bored and alone.

Battalion Commander Xu's apartment was on the first floor, and the entrance faced the elevator. Mrs. Xu left her door open, so other people could come and join them.

The building was originally quiet, but became louder thanks to Leena's visit. People who got along well with the Xu family came over to have supper with everyone.

"Major General Gu, now I know why you never brought Leena here. She's so pretty and soft, and you just want to hide her away from prying eyes, right?" Battalion Commander Xu asked with a laugh. Battalion Commander Xu was the eldest one there. He was born and raised in a small village, and was promoted to Battalion Commander from a soldier. He was broad

how off in front of other people.

"I heard it was a whirlwind romance between you and Major General Gu. So who made the first move?" another young woman cut in. Leena's face flushed red at her words, and she had no clue how to answer the question. And their early days weren't exactly fodder for happy memories.

"Come on now. Don't be so curious! This is her first time here. You'll scare her off and she won't want to come back," Mrs. Xu said, saving Leena from yet another awkward question. She knew they wanted to know all about Leena, but she didn't think that question was appropriate.

"But I really wanna know. Come on, Leena, am I bothering you?" the woman asked. She just wouldn't let Leena go. She was in her twenties, and she was certainly pretty and trendy. But she wasn't smart enough to figure out her question was out of line.

"Uh... no, you're not," Leena answered after some hesitation. The "not" in her statement was higher pitched, more like a question than a reply. Deep inside, she thought, 'Yes, you are bothering me. So can you just shut up?' But she gave the woman a sweet smile, pretending she was okay with that.

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