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   Chapter 1399 We Are Not That Familiar (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5648

Updated: 2019-03-27 00:24

"Yes! So you will let me stay here?" Leena got excited because she could tell that Kevin would eventually give in. She didn't mind waiting for hours at all. Waiting for her own husband to get off work was actually a pretty sweet thing to do, in her opinion.

"Well, how can I refuse if you insist like that? You make such good arguments that you're so hard to resist. Of course I agree. Just wait here. Let me ask Lee to take you to my apartment here. Such a stubborn girl!" Kevin couldn't do anything about her perseverance. He tapped her forehead with his finger, with eyes full of affection towards his wife.

"Yay! Thank you thank you thank you!" Leena stood on her tiptoes and smacked a loud kiss on Kevin's cheek. Her face was proud and showed her happiness. She was glad that she had Kevin wrapped around her little finger.

"Leena, we are in a public place," Kevin gently warned Leena, as he rubbed his face. It seemed that a little smudge of red had stayed on his cheek. Then he glanced back at the gate of the army base. He didn't know if Leena's behavior just now was seen by any of the soldiers. He sincerely hoped not. How would he keep his reputation of being strong and tough in front of them, if he was seen making small lovey-dovey, public displays of affection in the army base? Might as well strip off the uniform and wear a pink couple T-shirt during training.

"It's just a friendly smack. I did it everyday when I was abroad. Don't think too much of it." Leena looked at him with raised eyebrows, a smirk on her face. Though her heart felt a pinch of pain whenever she thought that maybe one day Kevin would belong to another woman, she kept the sweet smile on he

t. Yes, this place smelt just like Kevin. It was the same faint mint smell she was so familiar with. She then entered the bedroom and opened the closet to have a look. The clothes were mostly military uniforms. But there were still some casual outfits. It seemed that Kevin rarely bought clothes for himself. It was understandable. He could not wear anything other than his military uniform when he was at work. He hadn't worn most of the clothes she bought for him, much to her disappointment, which she didn't show. He hadn't even gotten rid of the tags attached to the clothes yet.

Also, Leena couldn't ignore that the apartment was sparkling clean. Leena knew it must be Lee who helped Kevin clean his own room. She knew Kevin too well. He was never good at doing housework, and he was definitely not the one who made the place this clean. For one, he never lifted a finger to do any housework back home, other than cooking.

Maybe because Kevin didn't live here for long periods of time, this place seemed empty. And to make it worse, there was no heater in this apartment, so it was a bit chilly for Leena's liking.

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