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   Chapter 1397 We Are Not That Familiar (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7207

Updated: 2019-03-26 01:13

"I am just happy for you." Leena had a big grin on her face. Well, her best friend and her brother were finally together. Wasn't it a huge miracle and something to really be happy about?

Patricia rolled her eyes at her friend's words in fake annoyance. Leena was indeed her best friend who knew her inside out. They were alike in more ways than one.

Life was just perfect for Patricia now. She had great friends who cared much about her around, a bittersweet love she would remember for the rest of her life and a lot more to look forward to.

"Hi, would you mind if I sit here?" In an elegant and tranquil coffee shop, Dorothy gently asked Leena in a sweet voice, looking at her with smiling eyes.

"Oh. Hello, Miss Lu. Of course not. Please, have a seat." The corners of Leena's lips lifted into a gentle smile. She was much more mature than she was before. She had that beautiful and elegant aura around her just sitting there.

"Thank you." After these words, Dorothy pulled a chair and sat down in front of Leena. As usual, she had that pair of over-sized sunglasses, hiding half of her face. She looked sexier than the last time they saw each other and Leena noticed it.

"Would you like something to drink? I can order it for you." Saying this, Leena raised her hand and gestured for the waiter to come. There was a small smirk on her face. 'What is going on, that Dorothy and I keep running into each other? I can't even have a cup of coffee alone.' she thought to herself.

"I will have a latte. Thank you." Dorothy gratefully smiled at Leena. The smile lit up her young and beautiful face. Though she and Leena were about the same age, Leena still thought that Dorothy looked more youthful and was much more childish than her. Maybe Leena just went through too much in her life that she couldn't help but be a grown up.

"Miss Lu, it's such a surprise seeing you here. Are you not busy filming? How about other projects?" Leena asked in a casual tone, taking a sip from her coffee. She was really curious why Dorothy would be here instead of working.

"I just happen to have some time for myself, that's all. I will start filming a

tunately, Leena was not the same naive girl like before. She didn't really mind what others thought about her. So she quickly threw it in the back of her mind, smiled at Dorothy and didn't say a word. She didn't want to change just because of what the young actress just said. Especially an actress that she wasn't comfortable calling by her first name.

"I am wondering if it is possible to ask you a... quite a private question?" After an uncomfortable silence, Dorothy hesitantly asked Leena a question.

"Well, if you are sure that it's a private question, I guess it would be better if you don't ask. There is a reason that it is called a private question," Leena said while playing with the coffee cup on the table. Originally, she wanted to have some time to herself in this quiet coffee shop and think about some things in private. But now, it seemed impossible with Dorothy at the same table, struggling to do away with the awkwardness. She should just go away.

"Umm..." Dorothy was a bit stunned at Leena's subtle but direct refusal. She didn't expect that Leena would be this straightforward and she was taken aback. She just shut her mouth. Now, after Leena specifically said no, she couldn't ask the question that had been lingering in her mind anymore.

And right at this time, Leena's phone suddenly rang, breaking the deafening awkward silence. She smiled at Dorothy a bit apologetically and picked up the call.

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