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   Chapter 1394 I Am In Love (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5242

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"It was just a gathering of officers and soldiers. I don't think you like those types of events," answered Kevin. Frankly, he felt awkward when the soldiers asked him to sing a song earlier. He was never a singer and he couldn't even carry a tune. He would just make a show of himself if he agreed with their idea.

"Have you been drinking in the party?" Leena asked as she could smell the wine from his breath.

"Yes, but just a little. Don't worry. I'm not drunk," assured Kevin before kissing her on the forehead. He knew how much Leena hated it when he got drunk, thus, he just drank a little.

"Take a bath now, Kevin," said Leena while standing up. She had initially planned to wait for him but she didn't expect herself to fall asleep on their couch.

"Nana, I guess we need to talk." Kevin's voice was low when he spoke. He then looked at his wife straight into her eyes as he didn't want to miss any of her expression.

"Oh, okay. What are you trying to say?" In reaction, Leena sat again as she waited for his response.

"Nana, I'm really worried about you. You've changed a lot since you came back from Paris. Can you tell me what happened?" As Kevin wasn't the type of person to beat around the bush, he went straight to the main problem without any ado.

"Uh... Are you kidding me? I think you're thinking too much," said Leena. She refused to talk about it as she still wished to get pregnant soon. She was not ready to tell Kevin about her situation right now. She sincerely didn't want him to worry about her. Moreover, she feared that he

at's going on here? Why is it so noisy?" A cold voice came from outside the door. Tom entered the hospital room and frowned at the sight of the mess all over the place. It was then that his confused gaze landed on Patricia, who was still hysterical on her bed. He didn't intend to but for a while, he felt his heart broke silently while looking at the woman he secretly loved.

"Doctor Qin, please do something. Miss Bai got angry as she thinks that her medication isn't working." The nurse explained in one breath upon seeing Tom. Fear was written all over her face and it seemed like she was going to pass out anytime.

"You may leave now. I can handle this," said Tom to the nurse as he walked towards Patricia. His eyes were dark as he focused all his attention on the woman.

Meanwhile, the nurse who was attending Patricia left the room in record speed. The door even created a huge bang when she shut the door behind her. She really felt grateful that Tom came as she didn't know if she could stand another second inside the room.

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