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   Chapter 1393 Being Mad At Her (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6837

Updated: 2019-03-26 00:35

"Why did you drink it in one go? No one's gonna take the wine away from you." Kevin frowned. Daisy's behavior was very suspicious. He could tell she knew what was wrong with Leena, but she was keeping him in the dark. Why was she hiding this information from him? Why was she helping Leena keep this secret?

"Sorry, I thought it was water," Daisy said, grimacing. Who filled up her cup without her realizing it? Well, she would definitely be intoxicated soon enough. Daisy could already feel the shivers.

"Let's go. I'll drive you back." Kevin shook his head at her. No one would believe that such a reckless woman was the youngest female senior colonel in S City, if they saw what this lady was up to tonight.

"It's okay. Edward will pick me up. He'll be here soon." Daisy raised her arm and took a look at her wrist watch. It was quite late already. The party was supposed to end soon.

"Okay. Then you stay here and take a seat. I'll go and talk to the soldiers, in case there is any trouble brewing." Kevin stood up and turned around. He walked over to the group of soldiers who were easily distinguishable as the battalion commanders. Ever since the fight between the new recruits and senior soldiers, Kevin had been more careful when it came to their security and discipline. He would never allow such a thing to happen again.

A car was parked outside the army base. Edward was not sitting inside. Instead, he leaned against the door frame and patiently waited for his wife to come out.

A handsome man's stance, even a casual one, could be fatally attractive to a woman. When Daisy stepped out and saw Edward leaning against the door so casually, her heart could not help but beat faster.

She knew he was an extraordinary man. He had the most handsome face and elegant manners. Even now, his charm and sexiness made her heart run a mile. Her mind just went blank as she stared at him unabashedly. At that moment, she forgot that this man was her husband, not a god whom she should worship.

"Hehe! Darling." Daisy staggere

vy workload recently. Plus, she drank alcohol at the party. It was natural that she wanted some rest.

Kevin did not drink too much. When he arrived home, Leena was asleep on the sofa. Her laptop was on the coffee table, still running some Korean drama. If he remembered correctly, this one was her favorite. It was named Secret Garden. She must have watched it a thousand times, but she never got bored of it. Kevin saw her watch the show from time to time, her eyes red and restless.

He shut down the laptop and was about to pick her up from the sofa to take her to the bedroom. That was when Leena opened her sleepy eyes and stared at him.

"You're back." Leena reached out and put her arms around his neck, snuggling in comfortably.

"Yeah. You fell asleep on the sofa. Don't do it again. You might get a cold." There was nothing but deep affection in Kevin's eyes. He let her adjust herself to find the most comfortable position to snuggle up to him. He never expected to love a woman so passionately, with all his heart. Finally, he had found his Mrs. Right. A smile from her was enough to take his breath away.

"Don't worry, I've turned on the heat. So how was it? Did you enjoy the party?" Leena raised her head to look at him. There were only a few inches between their faces. She could kiss his soft lips if she just leaned forward a little.

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