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   Chapter 1392 Being Mad At Her (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5659

Updated: 2019-03-26 00:24

As time went by, Dorothy became one of the stars of FX International Group. She was a high profile celebrity. Leena had great difficulty recognizing her when she saw her with the heavy makeup in press conferences. Back in time, she had been so innocent and pure.

The woman was a stunner. Her beautiful face had made it possible for her to become a star. With the right makeup and clothes, she looked even sexier.

Leena could not help but smile as she turned her eyes away from the big screen. She was probably too concerned about this. She and Dorothy had nothing to do with each other. They were strangers. Why would Dorothy cause trouble for her on purpose? Leena's mood lightened up as she convinced herself of this. But as soon as she saw the dreaded medicine bag lying on the dining table, she fell down in the dumps again.

In the past, she had never thought it would be difficult for her to give birth. However, the cruel fate had decided that it was beyond her to have a child.

"Major General, Lieutenant General Hank is back." Lee rushed into Kevin's office. He was unlike his steady and calm self.

"Oh! Really? I'll go and see him then." Kevin was happy to hear this piece of news so he did not reprimand Lee for his behavior.

"He is reporting to the commander right now," Lee said, following him. It seemed that Lieutenant General Hank had done good work this time. It had been obvious from the delighted expression on his face.

To welcome Hank and celebrate his successful work, the army base held a party that night. Kevin was unable to return home on time. It was the same for Daisy.

"Here, Major General Gu and Senior Colonel Ouyang, I'd like to make a toast

ration. Sometimes, he felt like no matter how much he loved her, he would always be unable to see through her. She was clearly hiding something from him. How could she not trust him with her secret?

"Really? Didn't you ask her what happened?" Daisy hesitated. She did not know if she should tell Kevin the truth. Leena had asked her and the others to keep the secret from Kevin for now. Daisy was in a dilemma.

"Yes, I did. But I think she didn't tell me the truth. She said that she watched too many Korean dramas, so now she's been feeling sad. I can tell she only said it to keep me from worrying over her," Kevin sighed heavily. He had been wondering about her situation for the last few days and almost couldn't stand it anymore. It was overwhelming him. Was she in trouble?

"Maybe you are thinking too much. Don't worry. She'll be fine soon." Daisy struggled with a guilty conscience, yet she forced herself to speak and behave as usual. To ease her mind, she picked up the glass in front of her. it had been filled up by the waiter again. Daisy gulped down the liquid. She coughed heavily immediately afterward.

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