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   Chapter 1390 Too Many Coincidences (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6500

Updated: 2019-03-25 02:09

"Edward, you're back!" Leena greeted him enthusiastically as if she hadn't seen his angry face.

"Yes. Where are you going?" Edward frowned and shot a glance at Rain. 'Is Rain thinking of slacking off again?' he wondered.

"Of course we are going out to have a meal. Where else could we go at this hour?" responded Rain aggressively while raising his eyebrows.

"Do you want to join us, Edward?" Leena knew that Edward was extremely mad. However, she didn't feel afraid of him at all. Whatever he was mad about had nothing to do with her. She wasn't the one who ruffled his feathers anyway.

"You guys go ahead. I'll stay here. I have a lot of work to do," said Edward as he touched her cold cheeks. He furrowed his eyebrows deeper as soon as he felt her cold skin.

"Edward, you are implying something, aren't you?" Rain was flustered. He was only going to have a meal, did Edward have to show that somber look when he said that? His words sounded like that Rain had left all the work to him. ·

"What do you think?" Edward raised his eyebrows and glanced at him coldly. It was true that after two people lived together for a long time, they would influence each other's personality. Look at Edward now, he was showing the indifferent and aloof demeanor that could only be seen in Daisy before.

"Huh! You are so shameless to admit it so bluntly. Leena, let's go. Don't mind him. Probably he's suffering from premature climacteric and that's why he is so mercurial recently," Rain said as he grabbed Leena's hand and dragged her away. He got no plan of spending more time arguing with Edward. He would just end up with a cruel and ruthless man if he did.

When they reached downstairs, they saw Michelle by chance. She looked just as hesitant as she was when she first came here. She probably came here to look for Luke and had qualms about coming in without an appointment.

"Hi! Luke's girl, what are you doing here? You look l

sigh. He knew that Luke didn't listen. However, he couldn't do anything about it because Luke was the one who decided his own life.

"Luke, you are here!" Michelle's heart beat faster at the sight of Luke. 'So it is not that he has no feelings for me at all, ' she assured herself in her heart.

In response, Luke shot a cold glance at her and walked past her. He didn't say anything to her at all, as if she was very ridiculous in his eyes.

That reaction made Michelle bite her lips. However, she had no plans of giving up here. She flashed a bright smile and caught up with him immediately.

"Luke, wait for me!" Michelle's legs were not very short and she walked very fast. It was just that her legs were no match compared with Luke's long legs.

Luke couldn't hold his temper any more when Michelle followed him to the parking lot. He reached out his hands and cornered her to the side of his car. "What on earth do you want?" He glared at her in fury. It looked like he would kill her immediately If murder was not considered a crime.

"I... I..." Michelle swallowed hard in fright. She suddenly realized how horrible Luke was when he became angry. She was considering whether she should escape immediately because she really didn't know how to face the extremely furious Luke.

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