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   Chapter 1389 Too Many Coincidences (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5842

Updated: 2019-03-25 02:09

"Haha! Nana, do you think that I am drunk?" Kevin suddenly pulled her into his arms and blew hot air around her neck.

"Drunk people would never admit that they are drunk," snapped Leena while avoiding his tease. She was also trying to untie his necktie from his military shirt.

"Leena, are you so eager to taste me now?" Kevin flashed a sly smile. Leena's hands paused when she saw that smile on his face. He didn't look like the usual upright major general at all. Leena gazed at him unbelievably.

"You are shameless and dirty! You untie the tie yourself!" Leena gritted her teeth and cursed. Then she broke herself free from his embrace. Why hadn't she found about this side of him before?"

"Are you mad at me, Leena?" Kevin sat up and glanced at her.

"Go take a shower, I will go downstairs to get some soup to sober you up," Leena said as she avoided looking at him. Yes, she was mad because he made her worried. He drank so much despite the fact that he knew how vulnerable his stomach was to alcohol. He always blamed Leena for not taking good care of herself and always making him concerned. However, Kevin was no better than her in that matter.

Seeing Leena's sullen face, Kevin laughed. He didn't feel angry at all. On the contrary, he was surprised to see Leena become so hot-tempered. In fact, he didn't drink much. He only drank a few glasses as necessary for socializing. He was far from being drunk.

They were going back home. Kevin came here by car so they could just drive back. That would save them from a lot of trouble since they didn't have to wait for a long time in the airport lounge if they went back by air.

"Lee, the New Year is coming in one month. What gifts do you prepare to bring back to your fam

poster was sent to him from the entertainment company. The company wanted to get his opinion about the poster. However, he was not interested in it. He would say 'yes' as long as it looked good. Compared to the other people in the entertainment company, he was not in the position to offer very professional comments.

"Okay, be prepared to empty your wallet." Since Leena knew that it was difficult for her to conceive, her smiles never appeared as sweet and bright as they used to be. There were complicated emotions in her eyes and she looked sad and gloomy the whole time. Nevertheless, her innocent beauty never faded away and her melancholy made her all the more captivating.

"That will depend on how much you can eat." Rain felt sad as he looked at Leena's forced smile. He already knew what happened to her but he didn't ask. He just pretended to know nothing about it because he didn't want to make her feel depressed.

Walking out of the office, they happened to run across Edward who just came back. His face was sullen and cold. The anger in his eyes was so prominent that it was easy to think that he met something that made him very irritated.

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