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   Chapter 1388 Too Many Coincidences (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5879

Updated: 2019-03-25 01:35

"Miss Leng, what a coincidence!" Dorothy looked surprised. Fate was magical and it made them meet again.

"Hi!" Leena replied with a graceful smile. However, a suspicion secretly crept over her. 'How come there are so many coincidences between us recently? Isn't it too strange?' she wondered.

"Leena, is she your friend?" Looking at Dorothy, Shannon asked curiously. If they were friends, then how come they were so polite with each other? They even seemed estranged.

"Hi, Madame. My name is Dorothy Lu. Miss Leng and I met each other on the plane," Dorothy greeted before Leena could even reply.

"Oh! You met each other on the airplane! What a coincidence!" said Shannon with a graceful smile. She felt restrained to be too enthusiastic as she sensed that Leena was very indifferent to Dorothy.

"Yes. Are you Miss Leng's mother? You look so young!" Dorothy shifted her attention from Leena and began to grease the wheels with Shannon.

"I'm flattered. I'm already old. By the way, I'm not her mother. To be precise, I'm her mother-in-law," Shannon said with a smug smile. She felt happy to hear the praise. All the more, she felt proud to have a good daughter-in-law like Leena.

"What? She is already married? But isn't she reported to be only about twenty-something?" Dorothy was flabbergasted. The fact that Leena was already married really surprised her.

"Miss Lu, sorry. We have many other things to do and we can't stay here too long. Mom, let's go now." Leena had never been so impolite and left so bluntly. It was just that she had this strange feeling that Dorothy would cause her trouble soon. Thus, she didn't want any connection with Dorothy.

"Oh! Sorry! It slipped my mind that you are carrying a lot of groceries. It's my

possible. Thus, Leena wouldn't worry that she would be out of shape after giving birth to a child.

"Oh! Well. I'm just in it." Leena's face immediately flushed. She honestly didn't know how to react in regards to her mother-in-law's question.

"Really? Don't lie to me." Shannon became very excited upon hearing Leena's answer. Knowing that they were not intentionally doing birth control made her feel relieved.

"Yes!" Leena smiled amidst the bitterness that engulfed her heart. Yes, she was in it, but it would be a very long journey before she could get pregnant.

Kevin came home very late that night. He also reeked of alcohol. It was easy to tell that he had drunk a lot. He might have been together with his colleagues after the meeting was finished. It was a pity that he didn't have extra space in his stomach for any food that Leena had specially made for him.

"Why did you drink so much?" Leena frowned and covered her nose with her hand. Kevin was smelly. Seeing her turn her head away, Kevin mischievously blew in her face.

"Stop it! Take off your coat first!" said Leena as she pushed his face aside. Then she helped him to take off his coat.

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