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   Chapter 1387 A Surprising Reunion (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6755

Updated: 2019-03-25 01:32

After a long time of making love, the two young sweaty bodies finally stopped. Leena was exhausted from the raw animal passion that they shared just now, and lay on top of Kevin's body. Her sweaty face was slippery against his sweaty neck and she breathed deeply. She bit his chin slightly as if to punish him for being too crazy on the bed just now. He in return grabbed her behind, squeezing her more tightly to him.

Kevin did nothing with her bite. He merely smiled and let her be. She then slid downward and bit his arm. It did not hurt him at all. Instead, he was quite aroused again. However he was concerned that she might feel too tired. Should she keep biting for a long time, it could mean one thing. The muscles on his body were quite firm, after all. Before long, they were kissing again. This time, as she was already on top of him, she took the lead for another round of fiery intercourse.

Kevin came back to the capital city because of work instead of personal reasons. So he had to deal with lots of business in the day time and thus did not have much time to spend with Leena. Leena was sensible and knew this all along. She did not blame him for this at all. She could entertain herself easily and could find other things to do while he was off and busy with work. She was already pleased and satisfied as long as she stayed close to him.

It was much colder in the capital city than in S city. Leena put lots of clothes on in order to stay warm. Despite the layers of clothing, she still felt a bit cold when she walked on the street.

"Are you cold? I told you, that you didn't need to come here with me. But I couldn't convince you otherwise," Shannon said in a doting tone. She heard that Leena got cold easily, so she tried to persuade her to stay at home instead of going out. But Leena insisted on going out with her to have some fresh air. It was also a good chance for her to keep Shannon some company. Leena did not come to the capital city a lot and nowadays, Claire wasn't around, livi

s and status in society. But their innate elegance and dignity could still be perceived in the way they carried themselves, the way they spoke and the way they treated others. People nearby could not help but notice them.

They talked and laughed as they wandered around the market. Sometimes, they stopped to check and buy some other things. Before they knew it, they were already carrying more and more items in their hands and their shopping bags had almost become full. Despite this, they did not feel tired at all. On the contrary, a happy expression lingered on their faces. They got along with each other so well.

There was someone who seemed to appear wherever Leena went, as if deliberately and all the time. At the oddest of times, she felt like she always came across Dorothy. The moment Leena and Shannon finished shopping at the marketplace and walked out, there she was, whom Leena had just run into at the airport yesterday. Compared with yesterday's attire, Dorothy was now dressed like a teenager. The exaggerated sunglasses were replaced by a pair of ordinary glasses. No one would consider her to be a super star with such a look. Moreover, she did not really have that many fans in the capital city. That was why Dorothy could hang around everywhere. She did not need to be concerned too much about catching any attention.

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