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   Chapter 1386 A Surprising Reunion (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6186

Updated: 2019-03-25 00:53

"Oh! How could you be so cruel to me? Besides, you're the one who half-carried me up here! It's not fair!" Leena felt pressured and a bit wronged at Kevin's suggestion. She could not help but shiver a bit as soon as she thought of her father-in-law seriously staring at her. It was not because she was afraid of him, but that she felt quite intimidated at his extremely powerful countenance.

"That's the punishment for you." Kevin let out an evil smile and then walked out. Leena was left alone, helpless and dumbfounded at his childish behavior.

The moment Kevin walked downstairs, his mother was waiting by the living room, staring at him with burning and questioning eyes, her arms folded across her chest. He took a glimpse at the suitcase beside her and immediately knew why. Lee must have told her everything.

"Is there anything you'd like! I'm getting her some food." Kevin frowned a bit and felt a bit awkward thanks to his mother's piercing look into his soul. But he brushed off the awkwardness and kept himself as calm as he had always been. The distant and indifferent expression on his face blocked everyone who tried to see through him.

"I've already sent Maud to do it. So, don't you ever try to find any excuse and get away from me." Shannon knew her son's intention. She was his mother, after all. She was intentionally stopping him and blocking his way so that she could have the chance to make fun of him. As far as Shannon was concerned, he must have been too horny, missing his wife all too much and had already done something with her daughter-in-law!

"I'm not a criminal. Why should I run away from you?" Kevin replied, eyes shifting. He wondered since when did his mother become a gossiper.

"Where's Leena? What did you do to her?!" Oh, she missed her too and her son knew it! But what did he do? He took her to hi

ided to invite her to divert a little of her mother-in-law's attention from her. This was most probably because Claire was not home. Shannon had missed taking care of her daughter and now that Leena was here, she took it out on her. She was a good mother.

"It's okay! Just enjoy it! We've already eaten." In Shannon's eyes, her daughter-in-law was lovely and favorable from every angle. The gracious smile kept lingering on her face.

Nathan on the other hand did not have much response toward the news that Leena had come for a sudden visit. However, his eyes were much warmer than they used to be, towards his daughter-in-law. However, being his true self, he still remained serious like always.

They had a short chit chat and then Kevin took Leena back to the bedroom hurriedly, regardless of his mother's curious and prying eyes. As soon as the door was locked, he did not try to hide his desperation to pour out his overwhelming love for his wife. He almost ripped her clothes off in a thoughtless blur of desire. He had been missing her so much that he wanted to be one with her as closely and as deeply as he possibly could, until nothing in him remained. This was one of those moments and he did not want to waste it.

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