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   Chapter 1384 A Surprising Reunion (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6018

Updated: 2019-03-25 00:14

"Miss Leng, is no one going to pick you up?" Although the night had already fallen and it was generally dark, Dorothy was still wearing her big sunglasses in order to avoid being recognized in public. In contrast, Leena was dressed casually. Despite the fact that she had built a name for herself abroad, there were not many people who knew her back home. Here in her own country, ordinary people usually did not pay much attention to designers unless they were closely connected to celebrities. Instead, they cared more about the brand. As for the designer behind the brand? They did not care much. They only cared about superstars, those who had become famous in TV and movies, as well as those who had become popular as singers and musicians. They were the ones whom people usually followed blindly.

"No, I'm good. Thank you! I just decided to come here in the spur of the moment. So, I'm kind of in a hurry," Leena replied politely with a smile on her face. Although she tried to be as mature as she possibly could, she still looked quite sweet. It seemed that she was born with a natural sweetness and charm in her personality.

"Same here. That's why I need to call a cab." At this time, Dorothy took out a mask and put it on. Then she took off the sunglasses. Looking out of place with sunglasses at night, she would be more visible in public.

"Then, have a nice drive. I gotta go now." Leena said goodbye to her cheerfully after she took a look at the taxi spot. The moment she turned back, she ran into the couple she had met earlier. What was more, the girl was holding a cup of hot coffee, and the coffee was spilled right on Leena's clothes.

None of them had expected that. So all of them froze, standing mortified for a moment.

"It's not my fault. You came to me and hit me,"

g the broadest smile. As he got closer to her, it felt like she was the only person in the whole world and all the other things just faded in a blur. She was his light.

At that same time, Leena seemed to feel a pair of burning eyes staring at her as a man on her right side walked towards her. She raised her head to check who it could be. The moment their eyes finally met and stared at each other, both of them felt that time stopped and the world around them froze.

"Hello you! What a nice coincidence, Kevin!" Leena smiled and greeted. Although she felt a bit worried in her heart as if she did something wrong, she brushed it aside and kept smiling, looking sweet and beautiful.

"Yes, haha. Is it a coincidence?" Kevin said the same in order to match up with her lame way of greeting. How he wished he could hold her in his arms and kiss her until they were both out of breath. But he held himself back. He reached out and took the suitcase from her. Then they walked back to his car.

"Hey! It's really you, Leena!" Lee opened the door for Leena and greeted her with a sincere smile on his face.

"Hi, Lee. Yes, it's me. It's been a long time," Leena responded, feeling a bit shy.

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