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   Chapter 1382 An Annoying Couple (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7796

Updated: 2019-03-24 13:30

"Oh, all right. I'm listening," Tom said while standing up. The gentle person had become indifferent and cold. Leena couldn't understand why love always wore people out.

"Um... the scars on Patricia's face... I mean, what are you gonna do with them?" asked Leena after a short hesitation. Tom had been really weird recently. She was afraid that she might piss him off easily by mentioning Patricia before him.

"Did she send you here to ask about it?" Tom replied with a mocking smile. He was having a hard time accepting the truth though he knew that Patricia forgot about him because of her serious injuries. It was Patricia who had intruded into his life and told him that she had a thing for him. Sadly though, it was also her who took the unilateral decision of pulling out of the love game just in time he fell in love with her.

"No! Don't get me wrong. She is okay with the scars. It's just that I'm worried about her. You know, women all care for their faces." Leena scrunched her nose. She was at the verge of tears as she wasn't used to seeing Tom torture himself like this. However, she also understood that things were happening with reasons. If only Tom hadn't kept rejecting Patricia before, then the two might have been happily together by now.

"Since she's okay with the scars, why are you so worried about her?" Tom's voice sounded grating on Leena's ears that it stunned her for a while. He honestly didn't know what was wrong with himself too. Leena was his beloved sworn sister and he shouldn't talk to her in such a rude manner. It was just that he couldn't help but lose his temper whenever he heard of Patricia.

"Tom, are you okay? You've been acting really weird recently," Leena asked in a worried tone. Tom had never blamed her regardless of her mistakes in the past. Thus, she felt wronged.

He had never been this impatient while talking with her.

"I'm really sorry, Leena. I didn't sleep well last night and that's why I'm really tired now. Please don't get angry at me," apologized Tom upon realizing what he just said.

"Was it because of Patricia?" It was then that Leena decided to make it clear with Tom. She didn't want him to be full of remorse like Rain.

"Leena, I really don't want to talk about it right now. I want some space, okay?" Tom turned his back to Leena as he did

ck home and was welcomed by an empty house. She was unable to stand it as Kevin's figure kept flashing across her mind. Therefore, she took her suitcase out again and packed several clothes. Less than an hour after that, she was already driving to the airport.

Upon arriving at the airport, she booked the earliest flight to the capital city which was two hours later. It was not until now that she realized how impulsive she had been to come here without checking the flight schedule. She could just guess how tough the two hours waiting time would be for her.

To kill time, she went to the coffee shop at the airport and ordered a cappuccino. She looked around to observe people's clothes in an attempt to get new inspirations. She had a pretty face and her long black hair framed her distinct beauty perfectly. Thus, her presence attracted the attention of many passersby.

She was still observing when a familiar built suddenly caught her attention. To her intense surprise, she saw Dorothy! The same woman who had been in the newspaper with Kevin not long ago. Though Dorothy's sunglasses were big enough to cover half her face, Leena still recognized her. Dorothy was sitting on a nearby table. She didn't wear any makeup and looked like a girl next door. That was why nobody recognized her except for Leena.

On the other hand, Dorothy let out a friendly smile upon seeing Leena. Then she lowered her head to read her magazine. She was really graceful and elegant.

Leena curled her lips, stopped looking around, and enjoyed her coffee.

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