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   Chapter 1381 Kung Fu Boy (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6211

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"Don't worry. Take it easy. You're gonna be okay sooner or later. What about the scars on your face? Did Tom say something about it?" Leena looked at the dried up wounds on Patricia's face. Though the wounds were not very deep, they would leave permanent scars if they were not properly treated. She wondered why Tom hadn't applied the special scar eliminating gel on her face. Was that jerk doing it on purpose, still hating on Patricia?

"Do you think I'm ugly with the scars?" Patricia asked, stroking the scars on her face.

"No, I don't. But they remind me of that accident," Leena said honestly. She regretted having asked Patricia the question. After all, Patricia was a woman, and it was a huge deal for women when it came to anything about their looks.

"Ha! Don't worry about me. I believe I look cool with the scars," Patricia said with a smile. She lived very freely, refusing to give in to the pressure of modern society on women when it came to beauty.

"Good girl! You are so cool that no men dare to get close to you." Leena rolled her eyes at Patricia. She had never seen a woman who didn't care about her face at all.

"Hey, woman! Was that a back handed compliment? Does Major General Gu know you are actually a mean woman?" Patricia retorted at once.

"Really? I'm a mean woman?" Leena asked in reply while casting Patricia a reproachful glance. 'I'm not mean at all. I was telling the truth. Does she really think that it's cool to have scars on her face?' she thought to herself.

The two spent a few more hours catching up until it was time for Leena to leave. After bidding goodbye to Patricia, Leena went straight to Tom's office. She pushed the door open without knocking, in attempt to surprise him. But to her disappointment, Tom was not in his office. She entered the room, looked around and sat casually on the sofa.

deal with. But the idea was voted down by her sworn brothers who thought she looked like a princess with curly long hair.

"I thought you would be back any minute, so I didn't call you." Leena made a face and stuck out her tongue at Tom. If she had known that it would take him so long, she would have called him right at the very beginning.

"When did you come back from Paris? This morning?" Tom asked and wondered how Leena had the patience to wait for him for such a long time. Was there something important she wanted to talk to him? It had gotten to be that.

"Yes, I arrived this morning. Edward picked me and Justin up and drove me home. Then I came here to visit Patricia and you. I planned to go back home and really have a good rest after this, but I didn't expect myself to fall asleep quickly. I guess I was that tired." Leena smiled shyly like an innocent girl.

"So you've seen Miss Bai?" Tom asked. He didn't look at Leena in the eye as if it were a casual question, but his heart began to beat faster just by saying that name.

"Yes, I've seen Patricia. And I want to discuss something with you about her," Leena said honestly. She failed to notice the strange expression that suddenly appeared on Tom's face.

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