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   Chapter 1379 Kung Fu Boy (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6028

Updated: 2019-03-24 00:28

The young thug felt a sharp pain in between his legs, and couldn't help but let go of Claire. He grabbed his crotch with both hands, screaming unholy things at her. She had no idea what he was saying as she knew next to nothing about French.

Seeing his companion down on the concrete, wriggling like a worm in water, the other hooligan spat out and reached out to grab Justin. He thought his companion was just caught off guard. It was hard for him to believe that a boy of Justin's size could easily fight them and even hurt them. Before he knew what was happening, Justin jerked out of the way and even put his leg out to trip him. The man staggered and fell to the ground face down.

The two men might have been a bit tipsy as they were quite slow in reacting. That was why Justin had taken them down that easily. He stood there proudly like a hero, as a shocked Claire watched with widened eyes and her jaw wide open.

The man was infuriated after falling but was not about to give up just yet. He struggled up, raised his fist and threw a punch toward Justin's head. But Justin was flexible enough to dodge the attack, turn around for momentum and kick the man hard in the shins while throwing a solid punch to his belly.

"Justin!" Claire screamed as she finally came to her senses. The two men lay on the ground, moaning. She grabbed Justin's hand and they ran as quickly as they could. She didn't dare to linger in that place, for she had no idea who they were. They could have friends nearby who could quickly come and create bigger problems.

"Aunt Claire, we don't have to run away. I could easily hurt them more. I want to teach them a lesson." Justin didn't understand Claire's reaction. He knew that the two losers were no match for him.

"We don't know who they are. What if they

in S City, Edward was already waiting for them. As soon as Justin saw him, he dropped his suitcase and threw himself into his arms.

"Daddy, I missed you so much!" Justin held Edward's neck with his arms and flashed a very happy smile. 'What a hypocrite this little gremlin is! Just last night, he kept talking about the food he hasn't eaten yet. He didn't miss Edward at all, nor did he want to come back home. Little liar, ' thought Leena.

"Son, I missed you too." Edward kissed his face softly, his eyes full of affection. Earlier, while he waited for Leena and Justin, a group of girls took notice of this masculine man and started flirting with him from afar. Some even took out their cameras in hopes of taking selfies with him. But now that they saw this lovely family scene, their shallow hearts were broken to pieces — this handsome man was already married and even had a son. They would have no chance to be with him.

"Hypocrite!" Leena blurted while pretending to cough out loud. She didn't lower her voice, so both Edward and Justin could hear what she said.

"It's none of your concern!" Justin retorted immediately and even made a face to Leena without being noticed by Edward.

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