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   Chapter 1378 Danger In France (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6671

Updated: 2019-03-24 00:24

"Yeah, I will. At least for the time being. Why do you ask?" Claire liked her present life very much. In Paris, she could have the chance to start her career and pave the way to her dream. She had to make great efforts by herself because no one from her family could protect her here. Although Gerard gave her a hand from time to time, it was different from that of her family. Back home, she used to be very aggressive and did whatever she liked, taking advantage of her father being a big personality in the military. But here in Paris, her father would not have much power to help her, no matter how capable he was in the home country. Her life here also made her realize how rude and unreasonable she had been in the past. She cringed every time she remembered those days. It was hard to believe that she was once that kind of person who probably caused her family a lot of embarrassment.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just wondering. Don't you miss your family, living so far away from them?" Justin asked with his childish voice. Although he asked from the perspective of a kid, his question hit Claire. She could not help but become emotional.

"Then, Justin, tell me, do you miss your daddy and mommy?" Claire was afraid that she would break into a sob if she kept talking about this topic. So she did not answer the boy's question. Instead, she returned the question to him.

"Of course I miss them! I started to miss them as soon as I stepped into the plane. But my dad told me that I am a man, so I have to be strong as a man should be," the little man replied proudly, as if he were already an adult. There was pride on his face.

"Yeah! You are right. You are a man. So could you do me a favor now?" Claire felt that Justin was so cute when he talked like an adult. Her face also turned red because she had to suppress her laughter thanks to Justin's cuteness. How she wished she could laugh out loudly! But she was afraid that Justin might feel awkward. She would just have to try hard to

t with his age. The two guys were frightened by him and could not help but hesitate. But soon, because of the alcohol, they became more confused. They continued to drag Claire and did not let her go. Even though there were many people in the area, they just passed by in a hurry and no one cared to stop to give a hand.

"Justin, I was just kidding! You are still a kid. Don't try to be brave. Just go!" Claire was extremely worried, seeing that Justin was not listening to her. Without thinking twice, she lowered her head and bit the man who grasped her on the arm. The young hooligan felt the pain and let go of her. Claire took the chance and turned around to run away. But she forgot that there was still another thug. He caught her by the hair and pulled her back.

That all happened in an instant. So Justin was unable to realize what happened until she screamed out because of the pain. The moment he heard her screaming and saw the terrible thing that man did to her, Justin ran to him quickly and kicked him in crotch. His mother once taught him that he should find a smart way to win over someone who was stronger than him. That was why he kicked his balls. They liked beautiful women, right? So he did them a favor to let them know how it felt when something happened to their balls. It must feel 'extremely good'.

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