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   Chapter 1377 Danger In France (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5906

Updated: 2019-03-24 00:14

"Ha ha! You little thing. Do you really think you are an adult? Let's go. It's time to go and eat something." Leena reached out and tapped on his forehead sightly with a helpless expression on her face, looking a bit annoyed.

"Wow! I'm free! Finally! But for how many days do I have to walk on the stage like a clown from the circus?" Justin wrinkled his nose and rolled his eyes. He actually disliked such activities. If his father had not asked him to help Leena, he would never have agreed to come here with her, let alone for such a frivolous event. He did enjoy the journey coming here. He had never been to this world famous city that many people had been talking about, so he was interested in everything about Paris.

"Kid, what did you say? Like a clown from the circus? It's all about fashion, understand?" Leena knocked on his forehead heartlessly instead of merely touching it this time. Of course, she did it with proper strength so that it wouldn't hurt Justin much.

"Ouch! That hurt! I'm gonna tell Daddy, that you hit me!" Justin glared at Leena, stroking the part of his forehead that hurt.

"Go ahead. Do you need me to make the call for you?" Leena did not worry about it at all because she was certain that Edward would not rebuke her for this kind of thing. Edward was a reasonable man.

"I..." Justin was surprised and froze. He did not expect Leena to call his bluff. Moreover, his father told him that he was a man and he should get along with Auntie Leena well, and that he should be kind and polite. He shouldn't quarrel with her. He should act like a gentleman, or other foreigners might laugh at him if he did not behave well.

"Let's go! Kid, I'll buy you something delicious to make it up to you, okay? Are we good?" Leena let o

to spend this much time with Justin. Although they had met before, they did not really have a conversation. That was why she felt a bit awkward. Although he was just a kid, he looked quite like Edward who was always serious. No wonder she felt a bit intimidated.

"Is Claire your name? But how should I call you? Daddy told me that you are Uncle Kevin's sister. Should I call you Auntie Claire?" Justin asked as he wanted to address her properly. He did not want others to think he was rude.

"Yes, you can call me Auntie Claire! That sounds good to me." After living in Paris for quite some time, Claire had become more sophisticated and matured like an adult. She was no longer willful and arrogant like what she had been like in the past. She had blossomed into a gentle and elegant lady.

"Yes! Auntie Claire, will you stay here in Paris for a long time?" Justin raised his head and asked curiously. Although he thought Paris was very beautiful, he did not want to stay here all the time. The reason was simple. His beloved family was not here. So even if this city looked and felt like heaven, he would still prefer to live in the warmth and comfort of his own home.

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