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   Chapter 1376 Danger In France (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6904

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"Oh my god! What happened to your face?" The moment Kevin went into the house, Leena immediately saw the injury on his face. This rarely happened to him, maybe never, and was something that she wasn't used to. She dropped whatever she was doing and walked to him immediately.

"I hurt myself during training. Don't worry, it was my fault. Nothing serious." Earlier, Kevin did not know what to tell her because he did not want her to worry one bit. He thought of tons of excuses to avoid her question and he picked out the most convincing one.

"Really? Because it looks like you were hit by someone!" Leena did not believe him right away. She felt sorry for him and reached out to touch the wound but decided not to, because she was afraid that she might hurt him more.

"Yes, really! I did not focus well during one of our practice fights so one of the recruits did a nice upper cut and got through to me. Don't worry. It'll be fine in a few days." Kevin grinned but was quickly jolted and grimaced in pain a bit when the part of the wound on his face was stretched because of the smile.

"I'll go and boil some eggs! You can roll them on the wound to ease the pain," Leena said and walked to the kitchen before Kevin could protest. She didn't like seeing her husband injured like that.

Kevin did not try to stop her. He was actually relieved. At least she didn't look closer to examine the wound, which had started to darken around the edges. She could do whatever she wanted, after all. What was more, the injury on the face would heal more quickly with her suggestion and there was no reason for him to refuse it.

For most people, hospitals were typically terrible and they would avoid them as much as possible. They were mostly dark and gloomy, with a lot of worry, sadness and suffering in the air. Death was also inevitable in hospitals. But it was different for Tom. He liked hospitals a lot. He liked the feeling of accomplishment whenever he got to save someone's life and again when the patient was fully recovered. Recently, however, he was bey

ngs be. So she did not take it seriously when Tom acted abnormally. For in her mind, she had never met Tom until recently. She had no memory of him so she just assumed that that was his normal self.

Leena went to Paris with Justin to prepare for the summer fashion conference of the year despite still being worried about Patricia. Her business and career also needed her attention. Justin had never been trained to walk on the ramp as a model, but he did quite well during the rehearsals. Leena was both surprised and proud of the little genius.

"Good job, Justin! You did very well." It was the first time Leena openly praised Justin because he really did perform very well. That was one less thing to worry about.

"Humph! There is nothing in this world that I can't do!" Justin raised his chin and cracked himself proudly. That was the truth. As long as he liked doing something, he could do it easily when he devoted himself to it. He had inherited some good genes and acquired this good character from his parents.

"Well! Don't feel much too confident and cocky when you are praised." Leena pursed her lips at him. She did not think it was good for him to feel self-satisfied and arrogant too easily.

"I have the talent, don't I?" Justin brushed the clothes on him as if to beat the dust off. He totally spoke like an adult, to be more precise, like Edward.

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