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   Chapter 1375 Remember What You Said (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7557

Updated: 2019-03-23 03:53

"I have just accepted his proposal. As for the wedding... I don't know." Anna, who had always been aloof about this topic, blushed. She didn't expect Aaron to propose to her. Though she had many doubts about it, she was moved by his sincerity and agreed to the less romantic proposal.

"Well. You should keep him waiting longer, lest he does not cherish you later." Edward could only imagine how Aaron would react if the man heard what he said. Aaron probably didn't think of him to say that. After all, Edward was a very serious man deep inside.

Unlike the calm atmosphere at FX International Group, Kevin was a bit surprised when he got punched as soon as he met Duke. Kevin knew that Duke would question him when he arrived but he didn't expect Duke to instantly punch him when they met.

"What, huh? Do you think you are wronged?" Duke gritted his teeth as he looked at Kevin. He didn't usually pay attention to entertainment reports, thus, he didn't see the story about Dorothy until today. He immediately called Kevin to find out what was going on right after he read the report.

"No," answered Kevin as he rubbed the corner of his mouth. He knew that the corner of his mouth was bleeding because he tasted blood from it. Even if Duke did this to him, he didn't complain because he knew that he was wrong in the first place.

"Who do you love? Louisa, Dorothy, or my poor sister? Tell me. How many women are there with you that I don't know?" Duke was furious. He might be behind Kevin when it came to verve. However, he was better looking than Kevin in terms of appearance whenever Kevin was down and without his military spirit.

"I could assure you. Regardless of how many women are around me, I only love Nana," said Kevin with a frown. His mouth was still bleeding and he was thinking about how to explain the injury to Leena once he got home.

"Remember what you said," Duke said coldly as he sarcastically gave Kevin a once-over. Leena was the most important person in his life, thus, he didn't feel that there was anything wrong about what he did.

After coming out of Duke's house, Kevin looked at his mouth from the rearview mirror and thought, 'Damn! It really hurts. This may take a few days to recover. How am I going to explai

ude. He was even smiling brightly as he thought that Kevin deserved his bruise.

"What do you think?" Kevin didn't answer him directly, nor did he say anything more about his ridicule. Rather, he glanced at the woman standing next to Rain. The woman was very beautiful but she was reeking of strong perfume. 'How can Rain stand the smell of this perfume?' he thought.

"I'm not interested in it. I must tell you bluntly that I don't care about how many gossips you have. Once you let Leena get hurt, I will never let you go. Trust me. This will be far worse than the bruises on your face," threatened Rain. The woman next to him was a newcomer to the film and television company of FX International Group. He came here in order to resolve the publicity issue between this woman and her client. Rain didn't expect to meet Kevin here.

'Well. It seems like Tom is the only one who hasn't threatened me yet among Leena's brothers. I must be really lucky to be threatened by these influential men in S City, ' Kevin thought as the corner of his mouth twitched.

"Thank you for your warning. I won't let that happen." Kevin might look a little distressed right now but then he replied in a firm manner. He was a proud man after all.

"Remember what you said." Those were the last things Rain said before leaving. He didn't even pay any attention to the woman beside him. By the time that the woman realized that Rain had left her, she smiled apologetically at Kevin and caught up with Rain in a hurry.

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