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   Chapter 1367 I Was Just Passing By (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7389

Updated: 2019-03-22 03:54

"Yes, he is. I was just talking to him," Luke said. He ignored Michelle completely, as if she were invisible.

"I see! I'll go and meet him then. See you!" Leena waved Luke goodbye and stepped aside to make way for him.

"Bye." Luke walked past them. His voice was cold and emotionless as always.

"Let's go, Michelle," Leena called out when she realized that Michelle wasn't following her. She turned around and glanced at Michelle, surprised to see the lost look on her face. 'What is up with this girl?' Leena wondered.

"Sure," Michelle said, snapping out of her reverie. She followed Leena down the corridor, but turned around again to watch Luke's receding figure. It wasn't until the elevator door closed between them that she drew back her gaze.

Inside the office, Edward stood by the window and looked out. His slender and charming profile was ablaze with the incoming sunlight. Leena and Michelle held their breaths at the scenery in front of them, in fear of disturbing his brooding figure.

Leena had always known Edward Mu was a good-looking man. He had a handsome face but was also a person with hidden depths. His style of dressing up brought out his enchanting and royal temperament. The black shirt he wore would have looked gloomy and harsh on anyone else, but on Edward, it looked charming and eye-catching. He had a trace of untamed arrogance on him that was irresistible.

"Come on in. Why are you just standing over there?" Edward turned around and called the ladies inside. He glanced over them with careless eyes and took the seat behind his desk.

"Edward! How do you know we are here? I thought I moved quietly." Leena smirked. Walking in, she blinked her eyes at him mischievously.

"Please, your footsteps might be quiet, but the gasps gave you away. I heard them when you were standing there, drooling over me." Edward rolled his eyes. His gaze moved to Michelle. Intrigued, he wondered if she was here to see Luke.

"Glad to see you, Mr. Mu. I hope I'm not disturbing you." Michelle smiled sheepishly. In fact, it was she who had gasped out loud.

"Not at all. Are you here to pay me a visit, or are you looking for someone whom you were hoping to find in my of

Edward said. A mysterious smile bloomed on his face. Since Daisy was interested in bringing Michelle and Luke together, he decided to play matchmaker too. He would definitely try his best to set them up.

"What surprise?" Leena interrupted him. The conversation between them piqued her interest, so she couldn't help but ask again.

"It's none of your business, Leena. I want to have a little talk with Michelle here, and you are going to check whether or not Rain is back in his office. Then we'll go and have lunch together." Edward deliberately sent Leena on the little mission of finding Rain so he could have a chat with Michelle alone. His conversation with Michelle wouldn't be private if Leena were around.

"Oh, okay." Leena was still mildly curious as she walked out of the office. She turned around to the door but kept stealing glances at the two of them from the corner of her eyes. She didn't appreciate being shooed away. All the way to Rain's office, she wondered what this surprise was.

"Now that we're alone, what do you want to say, Mr. Mu?" Feeling the sudden shift in the atmosphere, Michelle decided to take charge of the conversation as soon as Leena left. She was an easy-going and carefree person, but she was also quite perceptive. When she heard Edward ask Leena to leave, she knew he meant to talk to her about something specific. Michelle had dealt with Edward a few times before and knew him to be an unpredictable and enigmatic man.

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