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   Chapter 1366 I Was Just Passing By (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6696

Updated: 2019-03-22 03:54

"I guess he was just upset about something. He was just lurking out there." Michelle studied Patricia's face but failed to find any clues regarding her feelings toward Tom. Michelle couldn't believe what had happened. How could someone happen to selectively forget one person, but at the same time, remember everyone else? She was puzzled. What kind of magic was that?

"Hey, why are you looking at me? Are you suggesting that I am the one who upset him?" Patricia asserted her innocence. She just woke up last night. She hadn't even had time to catch up with what was happening yet. How could she be the one to upset Tom?

"You don't say. He is upset for you, somehow, because you two were in a very twisted relationship. He's been trying to make up for it. Tom hadn't been too kind to you in the past but has been taking such good care of you lately. You don't have to feel obliged to be nice to him, though." Michelle was a fair person. She didn't like to see other people being wronged. She always stayed impartial and never exaggerated or concealed the truth for dramatic effect.

"Well, it sounds like I am the bad guy here. But what am I supposed to do? Love him in return? Come on, I don't even remember who he is. How can I pretend to like him just because he's upset?" Patricia grimaced. She wanted to get her memories back more than anything else, but try as she might, she never succeeded in doing so.

After coming out of Patricia's ward, Leena lingered in the corridor for ages before turning in the direction of Tom's office. She hated the traditional Chinese medicine and would do everything in her power to stall for time. It was only when she couldn't delay it any longer that she knocked on the door of Tom's office. When she heard a soft "come in" from inside, she pushed open the door slowly.

"Tom." Leena scowled as she walked in reluctantly.

"Hi, Leena. I have to take a look at this X-ray to make sure of something. Have a seat. I'll talk to you as soon as I'm finished,"

is inappropriate about it. Come and have a cup of tea with us!" Leena said as she pulled Michelle forward. The guards knew Leena, who was a frequent visitor to FX International. They didn't question her and let them in respectfully.

"Leena, what if Luke is with Mr. Mu too?" Michelle asked once they were in the elevator. She was riddled with a guilty conscience. Luke hadn't been friendly with her.

"Luke? I don't know about that. What's wrong if he's there too?" Leena asked, glancing at Michelle.

"Oh, it's nothing! I was just asking," Michelle said in a hurry. Her strange behavior raised suspicion in Leena's mind. Michelle seemed very tense.

"Is that so? Are you sure everything is all right?"

"Of course! Why would I lie to you?"

Michelle averted her eyes, fearing that Leena would guess what was in her heart. She didn't want Leena to know about her feelings towards Luke. They were friends, but not so close yet that they could speak freely about these things.

Before long, the elevator reached the top floor and came to a halt. As the door slid open, they saw Luke walking toward them in the corridor. It looked like he was coming straight from Edward's office.

"Hi, Luke, is Edward inside?" Leena greeted Luke, giving him a sweet smile. She didn't notice the subtle change in Michelle's expression.

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