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   Chapter 1361 Patricia Woke Up (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5825

Updated: 2019-03-21 08:15

"Miss Bai, do you know who I am?" After putting his phone back in his pocket, Tom leaned towards Patricia and asked. He was aware that he had some sort of feelings for her, but as the head doctor in this hospital, his tone remained formal and professional.

"Umm...Yes. Yes I do." Patricia blinked. Her voice was a bit raspy because she hadn't spoken for so long.

"Okay, good. Then tell me what my name is." Tom stared at her with intense and expectant eyes. He couldn't stop himself from smiling.

"Hmm... I don't know," Patricia said in a small voice. She just woke up and was still confused somehow. She looked around the room, trying her best to take in everything around her. Aside from this doctor, there were also a couple of nurses taking notes from the monitors and gadgets attached to her and to her bed. The doctor's smile disappeared quickly.

"You don't know my name?" Tom couldn't believe what he just heard. "You asked me if I knew who you were. Yes, you look like a doctor. You didn't ask me if I knew your name or not. And right now, I am not sure." Patricia looked back at Tom with innocent eyes. She was also confused about his question. Why would she know his name?

"Okay, I am going to ask you again. Do you know who I am?" Tom had done this before. He knew that sometimes when patients woke up from a coma, they would be extremely confused and slow at the beginning. Patricia just needed time to adjust to the surroundings and the people around her.

"Of course I do! Like I said, you are a doctor! What kind of question is that?" Patricia gently bit her lower lip. She knew that she was the one talking, but the voice coming out of her did not sound familiar. Her throat hurt, she felt no strength and was in p

n he thought about it. But he shouldn't dwell on it now. There were still a lot of things to do regarding Patricia's condition now that she had come out of her coma.

"Of course I remember. My car lost control on the track and crashed into the guardrail," Patricia said in an indifferent tone, as if she was talking about someone else's accident. Though she knew how she got hurt, what she couldn't understand was why she crashed into the guardrail. She knew she was really good at driving, and it shouldn't have happened. But she just couldn't remember what exactly caused her mind to go blank when she tried to think more about it. Something was missing in her memory but she could not pinpoint what. It hurt just trying to think about it.

"Patricia, Patricia! You finally woke up!" Leena burst into the ward and almost slipped. She happened to be in the neighborhood so it didn't take long for her to hurry over after hearing that her friend had woken up.

"Oh please! Stop making it sound like I have slept for a long time." The moment Patricia saw Leena in her room, a sweet smile appeared on her face. She was happy to finally see her best friend.

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