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   Chapter 1359 The Sweetness Of Love (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6370

Updated: 2019-03-21 04:08

"She's probably worried about her friend, Patricia. Haven't you heard? That Patricia has been lying unconscious in bed for nearly a month now. And there is no sign when she would wake up. As her best friend, how could she not feel worried?" Belinda could understand why Leena looked stressed out and even a bit moody. If that was Daisy in a coma for almost a month, she would also feel gloomy like Leena. She couldn't even imagine how she would handle it.

"What has Tom done? He's her doctor right? Can't he save her?" Duke wondered. It was strange. Didn't Tom declare himself as a miracle-working doctor? Why couldn't he revive an unconscious patient?

"No one is almighty, not even Tom. Patricia was badly injured. He already has done a good job keeping her alive." Belinda got this information not long ago from Leena. She had dropped by Patricia's ward once, when she went to the hospital to do the prenatal check up. The woman lying on the bed was pretty, but her face had become too pale, probably because she had been bedridden for too long. As Belinda looked at her, she took pity on such a beautiful girl.

"Well, Let's go then. It's useless for us to get too worried. Only the doctor could help her now. We can do nothing about it." In Duke's heart, except for the people he cared about, nothing or no one else could afford him the slightest interest.

"I'm curious. How long has it been since the last time you and Tom and your other buddies got together?" Belinda asked as they walked towards their car, with Duke assisting her, holding her by her arm. She found that Tom had been in low spirits recently and didn't know why. So she thought she needed to remind Duke of this.

"It has been a while. What's wrong with that? We all have our own lives to live." Duke pulled the door open for her, feeling very strange why she would suddenly ask something like that.

"Nothing, it just cros

ave it!" Duke was firm in his attitude. To assure Belinda and the baby's safety, he couldn't take any risks. In the early stage of her pregnancy, he couldn't be more careful to avoid a possible miscarriage. He would never risk the life of his future baby and more importantly, his wife.

"Duke, you are too mean. You Fascist!" Belinda never expected that he would refuse her so bluntly. She felt wronged and her eyes became red. It was a common reaction that pregnant women easily got irrational and sentimental. Belinda now looked insulted.

"Yes, I'm autocratic and dictatorial, are you satisfied now? Icy food like ice cream is too cold. Can't we eat it when the weather gets warm? Not now when the ice you eat can make a snow flurry." Duke softened his tone and tried to cheer her up. He admitted that he caved in. One moment ago, he just refused her so firmly, but the next moment, his heart was melted by Belinda's puppy dog eyes and begging tone. That was why he suddenly changed his attitude.

"But I just want to eat it now. If we get it on another day, I may change my mind then, and wouldn't want to eat it at all." Belinda said as she bit her lips. To her, her husband was the person to whom she could act girly and throw a tantrum whenever she wanted.

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